Ambika Pillai Lipstick – Kisses Review

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Ambika Pillai Lipstick – Kisses Review

Hello all the lovelies,

I am so happy that its finally Friday! The week was so long and seemed never-ending. I am planning to go to Hauz Khas Village for the first time this weekend – can you guys please send in some recommendations on which places are good for shopping, ermmm budget shopping? Okay, now can you please stop gasping that I have never been to this treasure trove in Delhi before?  Whenever I made plans, they somehow fizzled out, so here I am, making plans yet again *fingers crossed*

Ambika Pillai Lipstick Kisses Review

Coming on to the review, I am going to review a lipstick from Ambika Pillai that I bought quite a while back from the quaint counter in Select City Walk. Oh, and by the way, that counter is not there any more, so now I have absolutely no clue where to buy these products.

Pink Lipstick 1


I bought it on Woman’s Day at 50% discount for 350 INR, but these are 700 INR otherwise.


Now, if you have used AP stuff before, you must have seen the really innovative and classy packaging. So, this is a longish looking lipstick with a glass cap that clicks shut firmly. The part that I can’t resist is the cute light within the lipstick. If you press this small button at the back of the lipstick, it switches on a cute light that somewhat helps you in applying it even in the dark, very fancy and I love playing with it.

Pink Lipstick 2


Pink Lipstick 3

I like to call this shade a romantic, soft, mauvy pink! Its called Kisses :* :*  The shade itself is a soft mauvy pink with a slight glaze to it that I did not notice when I bought it as its more visible in daylight. The glaze is not very obvious, but I would have still preferred to not have any of it. The shade is very soft and romantic and perfect for summer and would look good on fair to medium skin tones. It may wash out darker tones – so if you manage to find where they are sold, do try it on your lips once.


Pink Lipstick 4


Pink Lips

Texture:  I am not very happy with the texture. This does not feel buttery smooth when applied on dry lips. It feels very waxy when I apply it, and I always have to use a lip balm, otherwise the color does not apply evenly or smoothly. The staying power is okay, about 3-4 hours without meals, but it fades unevenly and leaves behind a nasty waxy feel to lips.  I have used other lipsticks from Ambika Pillai, but this one is an exception in terms of the texture.

IMBB Rating:


Overall Verdict:  Honestly, I am not in love with this shade or the texture. The shade has glaze/sheen to it that looks tacky in the daylight and it leaves much to be desired in terms of the texture and staying power. The glaze was not very visible when I swatched it in the evening under artificial lighting, otherwise I wouldn’t have picket it up. Miss Pillai – if you are selling a lipstick for Rs. 700, please make sure you pay attention to the quality of the product and who wears glazy lipsticks these days anyway? Not recommended as you can get much better and softer pinks at half the price with better quality!

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