Avon Naturals Lip Balm Strawberry, Aloe & Cherry Review

by Uzma on January 8, 2011 · 49 comments

Avon Naturals Lip Balm  Strawberry, Aloe & Cherry Flavour

These Avon Lip Balms are a gift from my friend! Though these lip balms from Avon have been in the market for a long long time I haven’t tried anything from Avon skin care, but now I’m completely in love with two of these lip balms! So let me go ahead & tell you my experience with the lip balms.

Avon Naturals Lip Balm

What does Avon claim about the lip balms: Avon natural lipbalms are light-weight & easy to apply, glide on smoothly. Moisturising formula protects lips from dryness, has glossy shine & sheer color. Use on top of lipstick or by itself.

Price: Rs 79 for 4.g. This month two flavours Cherry, Grapefruit & Mint are on offer as any 2 for Rs.99
Ingredients list: No ingredients list available.

Avon naturals lip balm

My experience using the lip balm: These lip balms come in the form of Chap Stick & look very cute! I applied all the flavours & found strawberry & Cherry smell almost same! The best thing about these lip balms is that you can carry them in your bag & whenever you feel like reapplying just take out of your bag & glide them on your lips, I just hate taking out lip balm tubs & applying the lip balm. The strawberry & cherry balm smell very fruity but Aloe lip balm smells awful, I feel like some kind of a herbal soap is applied onto my lips! :-> I did lick my lips to see if the lip balms tasted bitter! ;-) I found Strawberry & Cherry sweet but Aloe tastes bitter! As soon as you apply the lips don’t get soft, it takes few minutes for the lips to turn soft & smooth. Upon regular use I found these lip balms to be very moisturising & make the lips smooth & prevent dryness! I’m really sorry the pictures haven’t come out good.

Avon naturals lip balm

Pros of the Lip balms:

  • These makes the lips smooth & prevent chapping.
  • It does deliver what it claims.
  • Comes in the form of Chap Stick, completely hygienic.
  • Strawberry & Cherry Lipbalms smell fruity.
  • Strawberry & Cherry Lipbalms leave little tint.
  • There are 8 flavours available. Green tea, Strawberry, Aloe, Peach, Almond & milk, cherry, lemon, Grapefruit &mint!
  • Usually on offer so you can stock up different flavours, if you are one of those who get bored using the same balm for a long time.
  • Light weight, can be easily carried in a bag.

Cons of the Lip balms:

  • Ingredients list is not available.
  • Need to wait for a few minutes after applying it to get the softness.(But I’m Ok with that)
  • I don’t like the Aloe flavour; it’s nowhere closer to the actual aloe vera smell! As I said, it smells & looks like some herbal soap applied on the lips!
  • I wish it had SPF, but I guess I’m expecting too much!

Will I repurchase this? Yes! I want to try other flavours!
Will I recommend this? Yes I will recommend the Strawberry & Cherry flavours but please stay away from Aloe!

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