Biotique Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer- Review

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Biotique Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer- Review

Hi Everybody,

I have the driest skin anybody could have. I mean I apply moisturizer at least 4-5 a day. So I have to face dry patches, tightness, pulling of my skin and what not when I apply makeup. So I used to avoid wearing makeup everyday.
But, then I came across Biotique’s Natural Tinted Moisturizer. This beauty made my life so much simpler.

Biotique Tinted Moisturizer

The Biotique’s Natural Tinted Moisturizer has all natural ingredients. It is available in three varieties, namely- Peach, Rose and Olive. The SA at the store was very unsure about the shades. But, I guessed by the names that Rose was for light skin tones, Peach for medium and Olive for darker tones. But I still went ahead and bought the Rose one. (I hate olives and their smell; they didn’t have Peach at that time.)

I was a bit skeptical because of the shades, but it had all natural ingredients and SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection!!! So I bought it. It was priced at Rs. 299/- for 55g. So it was pretty good pricing.

All the three varieties have the following ingredients in common. I checked out their Ayurvedic uses for you.-

  • Raktachandan- Cooling and soothing
  • Arjuna Bark- Astringent, effective against Acne
  • Ashwagandha- Revitalizer, evens out skin tone
  • Nag keshar- Antiseptic activity, also brightens skin tone
  • Madhu (Honey)- Softens and hydrates skin
  • Cream base

The additional ingredients in each variety are-

Rose- Gulab pushp: Toner, skin brightener


Peach- Adu: Natural skin softener


Olive- Jaitun: Skin softener, prevents ageing


The product has a consistency which I would place in between a cold cream and soufflé.

Biotique Tinted Moisturiser Swatch

How to use Biotique Bioredwood Tinted Moisturizer-  (Pack information)

  • Apply to cleansed skin every morning, before sun exposure. Dot forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, then blend well. Perfect to use in place of foundation.
  • It is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.

I use fingertips or sponge to apply this. But the sponge absorbs this hungrily. So fingertips it is!!

Here’s why I love Biotique’s Tinted Moisturizer-

  • It has a mild rose fragrance which I absolutely adore.
  • It gets absorbed into the skin readily. Hence, does not look whitish or cakey. Adding some loose or compact powder on top sets it perfectly.
  • As it is absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer, I don’t think it will matter what shade you choose. I mean I am pretty dark skinned, but the Rose variant looks absolutely natural on me.
  • It is a very good moisturizer. I don’t feel any dryness or pulling.
  • It is very cooling and soothing on the skin.
  • It does not give a very heavy coverage. But evens out the skin tone and hides patchy complexion.
  • My skin has this lovely dewy glow on application. I prefer this whenever I want the dewy look.
  • Holds blush, eye shadows, powders and bronzers well.
  • It is really value for money. The jar should last me at least a year; after which I’ll try the Peach one. The shelf life is 3 years.
  • I tried to layer my Dream matte mousse and Maxfactor Natural Mineral Foundation on this. They all go very well together. I mix and match these three to achieve different finishes and coverage.
  • I don’t apply any sunscreen on my face if I am wearing this. And I have never tanned or sunburnt wearing this. :)

And here’s why I will deduct points for Biotique Bioredwood Tinted Moisturizer-

  • No testers!!! How does a person choose if you have no testers? I chose Rose simply because I like its fragrance!!! :o
  • It comes in that routine green jar of Biotique. It is fine when it’s new. But as the product starts depleting I’ll have to scoop it out with a spoon.
  • I would have loved it to be packaged in a wide mouthed but short tub. Or a tube or a pump…. Anything but that dratted jar… :(
  • If the three variants are really for different skin tones, they should put it on the jar.
  • Also, below the screw-cap there is this white lid which is always smeared with the product. So I slipped a plastic cover from my old compact in between. ;)
  • Apart from the messy packaging, I really don’t have any problem with it. :)
  • If you use a large amount, it doesn’t get absorbed and your skin will look oily and shiny.
  • I have no idea how this product will behave on an oily skin, as it is a pretty heavy moisturizer. Should work well on combination skin. Though the jar says- “For all skin types”.

Biotique Tinted Moisturizer

All in all, I totally love this product. It keeps my skin moisturized, gives me a nice glow, evens out my skin tone and has SPF 30(!!!). I would have given it 5 stars happily if only it had better packaging.

My rating for Biotique Bioredwood Tinted Moisturizer- 4

I cannot wait to buy the Peach variant, but I am controlling myself. As soon as this gets over, I am going for the Peach.

Has anybody with oily skin tried this??

So, until next time…


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