Top Bollywood Actresses in Backless Dresses

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If you think about a women’s anatomy and her most alluring and sensuous parts, the first that comes to mind are cleavage, hips, and legs; but there are other underrated parts such as the back, hands, and ankles, which are incredibly attractive if a woman takes proper care of them. Choosing to expose the back rather than the cleavage is less scandalous and at the same time incredibly attractive. In the same way, a woman with a black thread or a tattoo in the ankle area looks very alluring. But, a woman’s back is said to be one of the most alluring parts of her body, so exposing it can be very enticing. I have prepared a list of Indian women who have pretty backs and these backs are sometimes prettier than their face! Why the back? It’s sexy, suggestive, yet subtle and mysterious.

A backless dress can be sexier and more alluring that showing too much cleavage in the same way that men used to go crazy when they saw a woman’s ankle.

1. Mallika Sherawat: To say the truth, I think Mallika Sherawat’s back is much more attractive than her face.

mallika sherawat backless dress

2. Sushmita Sen’s back is really hot.

sushmita sen backless dress

3. Err, did I say pretty backs? what is Kashmira Shah doing here! Anyways, again in this case, the back looks much more “better”.

kashmira shah backless dress

4. Kangana Ranaut is petite and does not have much of “frontal assets” so for her, the next best option to expose is “the back.”

kangana ranaut backless saree

5. Pia Trivedi, model and VJ: there is not much left in here, but at least she dared to wear such dress (where’s the ‘dress’?).

pia trivedi backless

6. Tanushree Dutta: career is in “bad shape” but back is in “better shape.” It seems she dusted some silver substance on her back.

tanushree dutta backless dress

7. Chitranganda Singh: bronze back- dark but attractive.

chitrangda singh backless dress

8. Rakhi Sawant: no comments, but please look at the colour coordination of face and back.
rakhi sawant backless dress

9. Kareena’s Kapoor’s back: it looks a little beefy…
kareena kapoor backless

10. Celina Jaitley: yay! she can’t do horrible makeup of her back, so it is looking really attractive.
celina jaitley backless

11. Urmila Matondkar: lovely back.
urmila mantodkar backless saree

12. Sridevi’s back: mutton mummy.

sridevi backless gown

13. Shehzan Padamsee: not much of a back…
shehzan padamsee backless gown

14. Karishma Kapoor: one of the first actresses to go backless.
karishma kapoor backless gown

15. Priyanka Chopra’s back…
priyanka chopra backless gown

16. Aarthi Chabbria: this is not a backless dress but…

bollywood backless aarti

17. Deepika’s back: lengthy back…

bollywood backless deepika padukone

bollywood backless deepika padukone

18. Riya Sen: petite but “pretty”.

bollywood backless riya sen

19. Katrina Kaif’s back:

bollywood backless katrina kaif

20. Masumi Makhija: back unzipped!

bollywood backless masumi

21. Sameera Reddy: muscular front, feminine back.

bollywood backless sameera reddy

22. Malaika Arora: backlessly yours…

bollywood backless malaika arora khan

bollywood backless malaika arora khan

23. Amisha Patel’s back

bollywood backless amisha patel

24. South siren Nayanthara’s back- beefy back…

bollywood backless

Coming to the best backs in the business………….

25. Shilpa Shetty: Awesome!

bollywood backless shilpa Shetty

26. Vidya Balan: much has been said about her horrible and gaudy dress sense, but when she chooses to expose her back, either all jaws drop or all mouths zipped tight.

bollywood backless vidya balan

27. Aishwarya Rai: the best well-maintained back

bollywood backless aishwarya rai

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