Designer Masaba Gupta: Fraudulent Selling Practices

by Sanjeev on July 19, 2013 · 58 comments

Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta is an Indian designer, an SNDT Mumbai 2010 graduate. She operates her stores under the label ‘Masaba’ in Mumbai and Delhi. The Delhi store is in Meharchand Market where this incident happened to us.

* Rati bought a dress from Masaba Gupta’s Meherchand market store on June 1st. The dress was for Rs. 8000 (we have the receipt for the same). She gave the dress for alteration at the store itself.

* The dress came back around June 15 and the seams were open in one place so the store took it back to get it repaired.

* Since then there has been no sign of the dress. Rati has been calling the store. She asked for refund in July. The store refused.

* Rati tweeted to Masaba Gupta 5- 6 days back. She didn’t reply.

* Rati finally tweeted to Masaba Gupta again yesterday “Hi Masaba really regret buying from your Meherchand store. I bought a dress on 1st june 2013 and the dress is not ready till now. I was at least expecting a reply from you or you store. Finally after endless calls I have seriously lost interest in the dress. if there is a possibility, I’d appreciate a refund. If not, I guess I’d understand. Best.”

* No reply from Masaba Gupta or the store yet. No sign of the dress or the refund.

* We posted our experience on Facebook and our readers suggested that we try the consumer forums. We filed a complaint at The Masaba Gupta organization just queried about the dress and then did not respond at all.

* Till date there has not been an apology or a refund from designer Masaba Gupta or her organization.

Our readers have advised us about going to the consumer court but we do not know how long that will take. we are talking to a lawyer about the same. Meanwhile, we would like to spread the awareness about this store.

One of our readers even tweeted to Masaba Gupta about replying to us but she ignored it as again. This time, we request our readers to tweet this to Masaba Gupta and spread the word where ever you can.


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