Himalaya Under Eye Cream Review

by Divya P on June 12, 2011 · 66 comments

Himalaya Under Eye Cream Review

Hi all, today am going to review about Himalaya’s Eye care.

Now a days because of the Work Culture and night shifts, we girls easily fall under the dark circle trap.  To avoid this we have many eye care creams. Himalaya is one among them but it deserves the best place.

First we see what the Company Claims

Himalaya under Eye Cream is for naturally beautiful eyes. It contains proven & safe blend of herbs specially created to care for the delicate area around your eyes. It prevents the formation of under eye dark circles.
Himalaya – A Herbal product company , produces many cosmetics product from the gift of nature.


Himalaya Under eye cream is one among their best product. They claims that 80% of theDarks Circles will be reduced in 4 weeks. It also helps to Reduces the under eye wrinkles & fine lines by 28% in just 4 weeks and helps to Brightens & smoothens our eye contour.

Himalaya’s Claims the following ingredients:
Cipadessa baccifera – Neem leaves helps in moisturizing the skin under the eyes.
Bergenia ligulata – Wild Indian Strawberry Flower. It lightens the skin under the eyes
Triticum vulgare – Wheat Germ .It nourishes the skin under the eyes

 under eye cream

under eye cream

My Experience with the Himalaya Eye cream:

Himalaya under Eye cream smoothens my skin under the eyes and it leaves too soft and a bit oily. I use to apply my moisturizer on the entire face while leaving the under eye parts and with the help of the pointed tube I use to apply it directly.
It comes with 15ml tube which helps in the application of the product. Price of the product is Rs.150

 under eye

himalaya under eye

Application method:
After through cleansing, we need to apply the Himalaya under Eye cream in the form of dots, simply like plotting points.

eye picture

eye picture

Later with your Hands gently rub it off, so that it is applied to the entire under eye area.

Pros of Himalaya under Eye Cream:
• Himalaya Under Eye Cream Claims that their product can also used by contact lens wearer also
• Shelf Life of the product is 4 years.
• Since the package is in the form of tube, It is very easy to carry it in the makeup bag
• Application is also easy with help of the pointed Tube; it will also help to use the cream without wasting it.

Cons of Himalaya under Eye Cream:
• Price of the product is bit expensive when compared to the other under eye creams.

Other than that everything is good with this product

We have a question for Himalaya’s “When they are claiming that within 4 weeks 80% of the Dark circles will be removed”, then why they have manufactured a product with such along shelf life of 4 years. :P.Just for fun :)

Product deserves the name. I will rate it as 4.5.

Minus 0.5 is for the cost of the product.

Have you used Himalaya Under Eye Cream? Please rate in the box below

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