Under Eye Dark Circles: Jovees 24 Carat Gold Eye Contour Gel

by Veena on September 21, 2010 · 24 comments

A unique formulation containing 24 Carat Gold leaves, precious herbs and botanical along with pure gold which help in rejuvenating sensitive cells under the eyes and aids in removing dark circles & gives a fresh look to the delicate area under the eyes. (From Jovees site)

Am sorry IMBB gang, I lost the upper part of my Jovees box cover, might have left at home during Onam holidays. :D This is ma second jar of Jovees under eye gel and am totally satisfied with the results. Am staring at computer screens for the past five yrs for almost ten to twelve hours a day and the result is dark circles , Oh after reaching home also I play games on PC.

My friend had visible dark circles like me and she suggested this to me. It worked well for both of us. Apart from that I kind of felt that my lower and upper eye lashes have become dark and grown a bit. :D, I believe may be this effect is true coz it has almond oil in it. I wear contact lenses daily, so I used to apply kajal on my upper eye lids and nothing else.

Jovees Contour Gel is my second brand in under eye cream. My first one was Biotique almond under eye cream.


The box says massage it for 30 second around the eyes in a circular motion. Apply this gel fifteen or twenty minutes prior to bedtime. I apply it after dinner; say one or two hours before bedtime, coz i tend to forget if i keep it for the last moment.


Gold leaf, Amla , Aloe Vera , Almond Oil , Sandalwood Oil . By the side of the box it has the gold certification printed. As you can see in the picture, it has few shimmer particles.

Jovees Under Eye gel

Jovees Under Eye gel


  • Nicely priced for an under eye gel. (275 Rs) for 25 gm and available at all Health and Glow outlets.
  • Less than a pea size gel is more than enough for each application.
  • My old cream used to irritate or sting my eyes when I get up, this one does not do that.
  • Though it is gel, it does not dehydrate my skin or leave that stretchy feeling. (I have sensitive and dry skin)
Jovees Under Eye gel

Jovees Under Eye gel

  • It worked well, compared to my old under eye cream (biotique almond under eye cream)… Sigh!! I do not even want to talk about it. It became harder and developed cracks after two weeks of usage. I still went and bought another one, yeah, blame me, the next one also turned to be the same and I ended up using it as foot moisture in the night…. From eye to toe.
  • I believe Biotique almond under eye cream may work for people with oily skin or non sensitive skin … Dunno , if anyone has used Biotique almond under eye cream here from IMBB, would love to hear from them whether this worked for them or not. (the curious cat ,,, ahem)
Jovees Undere Eye Cream

Jovees Undere Eye Cream


  • The package comes in thick glass bottom with a plastic lid. Imagine a bigger version of Mac paint pots: D (This may not be a con for many, but am little clumsy and I drop things often, do I need to say including my mobile O_O weird huh)
  • The results are visible but you need to use it at least for two weeks continuously to see the signs of visible change in your dark circle.
  • If I forget to use it for two days at a stretch, my dark circles comes back in circle [?]

PS :

This gel is not suitable for day time usage, coz this is thick and it looks like you have applied oil and those one or two glitter particles in it make it impossible to wear during day time. But this isn’t the purpose of this gel, so it is not a con nor a pro either. This is my first post here, if there is any space for improvement or suggestions, I would be happy to hear from all you beautiful girls out there in IMBB.

PHOTO Taken by my beau … special thanks and credits to him. :-*

*Will I** **repurchase it**?***

Yes, why not (as long as it delivers the result), am happy with it.

But I want to buy garnier under eye pen before I repurchase this, hearing about that a lot these days (also read Aarthi’s review in IMBB)

*IMBB star rating:* :star::star::star::star: + 0.5 , am lubbing it. Minus half for the time taken for visible results ( I may be over critic and expecting results like an eraser – the moment you apply it , all the dark circles should perish :P ) and we need to keep using it continuously to keep dark circles at bay . I think that is the case with all the under eye products.

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