L’Oreal Minerals Kohl Powder Eyeliner Review

by Appu on August 23, 2010 · 39 comments

L’Oreal Kohl Minerals Powder Eyeliner

Anything with the word Kohl really attracts me. I got this because it seemed like a good multi-tasking product. Looks almost like powder eye shadow, but makes for a good mineral eyeliner too! Let’s see if this does live up to the claim.

What does L’Oreal say about Kohl Minerals powder eyeliner?

Whether you’re going for smoky eyes or a more romantic look this season, eyeliner is a must and it comes in mineral form too! This liner and applicator duo contains 95% naturally-derived micronised minerals, plus Vitamin E and aloe vera to make it gentle on sensitive eyes. Intense, accurate and easy to apply.

Colours available: 01 Black, 02 Stellar Grey, 03 Meteorite Blue.

Price: I am not sure; I think I got it for about Rs.400 – 450 sometime in 2009.

What I think about this?

The product comes in a small jar filled with a screw top lid with a brush attached and also a sifter which helps control the amount of product dispersed.

This is how the packaging looks.

loreal mineral kohl

loreal mineral kohl

Although the packaging looks cute, it’s made from a very low quality plastic so it’s pretty much prone to big time breakage. I got this in two colours, Black and grey. The grey colour fell down and broke into pieces within a few months. So, you can imagine the hard time I would have had cleaning up the powder L . We gotta be very careful while handling this one.

Loreal Mineral Kohl

Loreal Mineral Kohl

There is a small brush, which is of pretty decent quality. It’s a small angled brush. Nothing very special, just another angled brush with a very good grip for precise application. If you do not like the brush, you can use any angled brush/eyebrow filler brush. I personally prefer this brush, because it’s small and gives me pretty good control on the amount of product I want to deposit.

How to use this?

The powdered kohl as such is not very pigmented. It’s black in colour but not rich black or anything. The sifter arrangement helps us get the product on top for the brush to pick up. I personally feel that the dispensing hole(s) for the product is too big. The Kohl as such is finely milled and even the gentlest of handling somehow gets a bit too much of product out.

Tap very gently on the base and some product comes on top. A light tap will do. Make sure you don’t get too much product or else, it’s going to become really messy.

Take a little amount on the accompanying angled brush and gently run along the upper/lower lash line. Stays put for about 5 hours or so.

One thing I hate about this is the crazeee amount of fall out. Even the tiniest amount of product has soo much of fallout which is a big turn off. Check out the amount of fall out just while swatching.

loreal mineral kohl swatch

loreal mineral kohl swatch

There is a small sponge which is a seal that covers the product while new. Make sure you do not throw it away. Every time after each use, it’s better if you cover the dispensing hole with the sponge to avoid product spilling all over. I threw away mine and I am having a very tough time using this.

Other uses of L’Oreal Minerals Kohl Powder Eyeliner that I see.

  • Can be used as what it’s intended for – eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. Not sure about the waterline. I know its kohl and its mineral and all that, but it’s in the powdered form so I am not committing anything.  Also, another reason why I am telling you this is, the colours do contain mild shimmer  and I wouldn’t dare to put on anything with shimmer on my waterline .
  • This is perfect to be used as a setting powder for any Kajal that tends to smudge. This one as such, does not have the tendency to smudge once its set. So what I usually do, I apply lotus Kajal on the lower waterline and use this or a black eye shadow to set it. This way, the mineral Kohl also stays for a longer time.
  • This is perfect for a smoky eye. The brush is so cute, it helps you create a nice winged look and perfect for defining the outer v too. One stoke of this will give you a nice and soft smudged look, nothing intense.
  • If this did not have mild shimmer and also had one in dark brown colour, I would use it to fill my brows too! Talk about multi-tasking J
loreal mineral kohl bottle

loreal mineral kohl bottle

What I like about L’Oreal Minerals Kohl Powder Eyeliner:

  • The whole concept of mineral kohl in powdered form itself is very intriguing.
  • Tendency to smudge less compared to other Kohls. I know most of the kohls smudge like crazy, this one doesn’t, once it’s set.
  • The  brush is pretty decent in quality.
  • Water resistant. Not really waterproof J but I need oil/makeup remover. I use olive oil to remove all my eye makeup and this one comes off easily with that too.
  • Ways in which this can be used. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, setting powder for Kajal etc

What I dis-like about L’Oreal Minerals Kohl Powder Eyeliner:

  • Bad quality packaging. Not only the plastic is of poor quality, too much product comes out sometimes leading to product wastage. Really messy to handle!
  • Although it’s easy to apply it’s totally not travel friendly. Don’t even try toting this around.
  • There is crazy fallout. Once I apply on my lower lashes, there is some on my cheeks which I have to eventually clean up and do a re-touch L and to clean this up, plain water ain’t enoughJ. I have to reach for a q-tip with some moisturizer or makeup remover.

Will I re-purchase? This one will last me a good one and a half years. After that I might consider if L’Oreal improves the packaging . :P

To sum up, this is a nice product if you, like me are a kohl lover. I love kohl in any form and this was really something that attracted me:). This is definitely worth a try if you are willing to put up with the fall out and bad packaging. It would be a different experience to play around with powdered kohl. If nothing works, this makes for a good powder to set your Kajal J

Have you tried powdered kohl?  Was L’Oreal minerals Kohl powder a winner for you? Share your thoughts.

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