Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands: DIY

by Sweta Tiwary on February 25, 2013 · 43 comments

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands: DIY

Hello ladies,

I took off from office , because I was feeling tired and decided to stay back at home and sleep whole day long. But you know once you are awake it is so difficult to  sleep again, and when you are addicted to IMBB when checking posts on IMBB and writing for IMBB feels more interesting and relaxing then sleeping :). Let’s get back to the point, yes so I decided to pamper myself little bit at home and this time in place of face or hair mask I did something for my hands. I always had soft hands and used to get compliments for my baby soft palms. But when I started staying away from family, I became responsible for all my washing and laundry. This took away softness of my hands and after marriage it reduced further. My house help takes off on Sundays, leaving all washing and cleaning for me to take care. Especially during this winter, my hands became drier, I use hand cream as and when I need it but the effect is not long lasting. Few days ago my mother in law came over to stay with us for a few days and she suggested me to use fresh cream for making hands soft. I tried it few times and it worked, it made my hands soft, moisturized and brighter and effect stayed longer too. So here I am sharing it with you all.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment For Dry Hands DIY

We will do this treatment in two parts: exfoliating and moisturizing.

There are the ingredients we will need: 4-5 big spoons of milk cream (collect it same way as mom’s do to make ghee at home), Sugar, Honey, Pinch of turmeric, Clean bowl and Spoon.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment For Dry Hands DIY

Step 1:

We will do the exfoliation first. To make this scrub, add two spoon of milk cream in 2 spoon of sugar, mix them well. Your scrub is ready, apply it on your hand and rub both hands for few minutes. Do not put too much pressure else you will end up damaging your skin. With light pressure rub the scrub in circular motion till all the cream is absorbed in skin and only sugar is left. Now wash hands with tap water.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (2)

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (3)

Step 2:

Now we will make the mask. Add the one spoon full of honey and pinch of turmeric in the remaining milk cream and mix them well. Now apply this mixture on your hands and let it rest for 8-10 minutes. After that, wash your hands with your favorite moisturizing hand wash, as just washing with water won’t remove the greasiness. After drying your hand, apply some hand lotion/cream and you are done!

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (5)

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (4)

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (6)

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (7)

You can see the before and after picture I have attached here to see how moisturized, bright and youthful my hands look after this moisturizing treatment.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment for Dry Hands DIY (8)

To add the oomph to your hands paint your nail with some bright colour or go for nail art if you have the time and like doing it, wear a lovely ring and your dry rough hand are transformed in soft, beautiful hands.
I have tried my hands on nail art and flaunting my favourite silver ring in the picture above. I hope you all are tempted to try this treatment now. It’s very easy and takes not more than 20 minutes in whole. And all the ingredients are from your kitchen , so stop waiting, go try this out and flaunt soft beautiful hands.


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