Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection Lip Balm Review

by Fly Girl on March 1, 2011 · 44 comments

Lip balms, Yes lip balms. We all love lip balms.

If there was anything I could take to a deserted island if only one thing, that would be my lip balm!
Yes I am going to say over sunscreen it would be my lip balm. The only thing in this world I reach for every 2 hours of my life no matter which place I am.

nivea lip care

Nivea is a brand we all know about and it is been reviewed highly and everyone just loves nivea lip balms.
Nivea is a global skin- and body-care brand, owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company was founded on March 28 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In 1900, the new owner Oskar Troplowitz developed a water-in-oil emulsifier as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. This was the basis for Eucerin and late Nivea. Nivea comes from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum(meaning snow-white).

nivea lip care
This lip balm is one is the repair lip balm.

Now there are two lip balms like this being offered I do not know if it’s just their name which are different or even the constituents because the one I have says nivea repair and when I was searching on internet some say repair and some say repair and protection.

Find out more about nivea lip balms and range HERE

Website description:
SKIN TYPE: Dry and Chapped Lips
EXPERTISE: Contains natural moisturising ingredients – Almond
Oil & Shea butter advanced formula with Hydra mine and Grape Seed Extract
BENEFIT: Locks in moisture in the lips and keeps your lips soft and

  • Effectively protects sensitive lips before they crack.
  • Strengthen lip skin barrier functions.
  • Contains natural ingredients: Bisabolol andshea butter.

My take:

Pros of Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection Lip Balm

  • Moisturizing
  • No scent or no odour of any sort
  • No lips tickling effect like the carmex lip balms
  • Affordable Rs 129 retails
  • Alright packaging

nivea lip care tube

  • Have so many variants to choose from . It depends on your preference cherry, essential ,repair,etc
  • Helps soothe chapped lips. Even painfully chapped lips
  • I apply this all over my lips, extra on sides and even on the boundary line and go to sleep at night.
  • Does a good job of curing the tiny cracking in winters.
  • The fact that a woman can never have too many lip balms. This is my bed side staple.
  • With no colour this just does a repair job. Being inexpensive can be tried for ladies who are regular lipstick wearers, suffer from super dry lips like I do, or stay in cold areas.
  • It is also a great overnight treatment for sensitive lips.

nivea lip care swatch

Cons of Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection Lip Balm

  • Melts in heat if left in car
  • I think the packaging is a little boring for a lip balm but again that’s just me.
  • Availability. I got mine last year and do not if it still seen widely in the bazaar.
  • It does not sink into the lips easily needs a little rubbing even after applying from the tube.
  • No colour at all for those who expect nivea to have a little colour in its balms .

It would give it a :-* :-* :-* + 0.5 rating for being good at its job and price.

Hope you all have a happy lips day

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