Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Summertime

Colorbar’s revolutionary new lipstick – Sheer Crème Lust is formulated with a special combination of light oils and groundbreaking polymers that offer soft consistency to enrich your lips with flawless hold and unparalleled luminosity. These range of 12 exciting shades that will add an all new depth, dimension and mirror-like shine to your lips. Ranging from nudes to fashion tones this range offers a silky texture and luxurious finish that makes your lips look fabulous. This unique range of deliciously bold lip colors will make your lips glisten with the wet look of a gloss and comfort & color purity of a lipstick.
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Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick – Chocolate Ice

Hi everybody,

I haven’t reviewed any lipstick in a looooong time and so if there’s one product I desperately wanted to review now, it’s definitely got to be a lipstick. The lipstick I’m reviewing is from Clinique, from the Butter Shine range of lipsticks in the shade Chocolate Ice and the shade number is 454. read on to find more about it.
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Diet for Healthy Hair

by neha on August 20, 2014 · 6 comments

Diet for Healthy Hair

Just like your skin and body, hair too thrive on a balanced healthy diet. A poor diet will be fast enough to show you damages done to the skin and hair and so can bad habits like smoking, drinking and lack of sleep. Including some super foods to your diet daily and weekly can change the way your hair are aging and make them look healthier like your prime. Take a look at the diet you can have for healthy hair:


The oils present in walnuts can improve the elastin of the hair and also promote hair growth. Walnuts also have copper to maintain natural hair color lustrous. Walnuts gives your hair much needed oils without which they become prone to breakage.Have a handful of mixed nuts daily.
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How To Style Maxi Dresses – Bollywood Style

Maxi dresses have been in vogue for too long now, but it’s not going out of fashion yet.  Our Bollywood beauties absolutely rock maxi dresses, they wear it to red carpet events, reality shows, promotional events, and even for casual shopping trips.  You can take inspiration from these style divas on how to rock maxi dresses.  Keep in mind that certain maxi dresses do not flatter certain body shapes, so you would have to pick one that suits your frame and style it accordingly.  Here are some inspiration pictures to get you started:

1.  Deepika Padukone at a promotional event in a big flower print one-shoulder maxi dress….like?

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travel lipsticks

Hi Everyone, :)

When you have gazillion beautiful lipsticks to choose from from your collection, it is hard to take just 4 lipsticks with you on a half-a-month trip. But this time I just decided to take a dip and see if I could survive with just 4 lipsticks for so many days. Well, with teeny bit of a cheating (I used my new lipstick for a day in Paris. :P) I really survived on just these 4 shades. And it felt awesome. I am sharing a few tricks with you. Hope some of you find them helpful. :)

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Faces Canada Glam On Color Perfect Lipstick Roseate

 Product Details: “We can’t seem to get our factories to make enough of them ever. Rich, Vibrant & Long stay colors, enriched with the goodness of vitamin E. Experience the effortless glide over lips for a smooth, rich appearance. Specially formulated to be stable at high temperatures (Why do we have these Indian summers?). The most complete lipstick, ever. Period.”


INR 550
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