Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara Review

Hi Beauties,

Everyone has a staple beauty product. For me, that’s mascara and lipstick/gloss. I may not apply plaster my face or powder my nose or even darken my eyes, but I really cannot go out without these two products. Today, I am going to review a mascara, which I have been using recently, and just as much as I love the brand, I am in love with this particular mascara as well. Last time, I was using the rotating wand mascara by Bourjois, and that was a product like none other. This time, once again, Bourjois has hit the nail at the right spot, and come up with another “type” of mascara. This one lengthens the lashes, and adds volume to them. And it does dry out quickly (within “1 seconde”) ;so the claims made by the brand are not at all exaggerated.

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Faces Canada Glam on Lip Gloss Chestnut Tinge

Easy to apply, high shine lip gloss, vanilla flavored (yum!). For the technically minded, it’s the high Percentage of CCT (Caprylic Capric Triglycerides) which makes it so easy to apply, gives uniform coverage and makes your lip feel perfect. Let your lips do the talking!!
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ELF Mineral Lipstick Party Pink

Hello every pretty woman!

ELF mineral lipsticks are the best drugstore lipsticks I have ever used. They are matchless honestly. I owned two shades earlier and reviewed them, Cheerful Cherry and Barely Bitten and this time I picked a lighter shade, Party Pink. Let’s see how it looks on me.

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7 Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

Sonam Kapoor is often hailed as India’s biggest fashionista who is known for her bold, unconventional, offbeat style statements. From Dior to Elie Saab to Anamika Khanna, her wardrobe has it all – dresses and outfits from top-notch designers from across the globe.  She even collects vintage clothes and no it’s not weird, she is a fashionista after all.  She is also one of the few Bollywood celebrities who gets personal invites for couture fashion weeks by Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Though there’s nothing home to talk about her acting prowess, she surely does make heads turn on the red carpet.  Though her style is hailed as iconic, there are many outfits that she has gotten “inspired” from Hollywood divas.  Here are some examples.  Also, do tell us who wore it better?

1. Sonam Kapoor and Amy Adams in Prabal Gurung’s design.  Sonam Kapoor shows a bit of cleavage in this low cut beautiful pastel dress, but Amy Adams wore it before Sonam at the NY premiere of her movie “Her.”

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Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax

Today’s topic is an “ouch” one, well we have all tried all sorts of waxing, armpits, legs as well as bikini line. There is one area we might need to muster courage to wax-the bikini region.Lack of knowledge in turn could scare you even more, something like getting a tattoo done, I always tell everyone, two out of my three tattoos did not hurt :D Here is what you need to know about bikini vs brazilian waxing.

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10 Bollywood Movie Posters Copied From Hollywood Ones

Bollywood has shamelessly “borrowed” from Hollywood for decades now.  Hollywood “inspired” music has blatantly ruled the Bollywood music scene.  Our composers and music directors are so busy getting “inspired” that the term original has gone missing from their dictionaries. hah!! we caught you.  Our film directors and story writers have always been “influenced” by Hollywood movies, or so they claim!!!! Some inspired pieces would put a photcopier to shame. Not all of them have the decency to give credit to the original movie is another matter altogether.  And now we seem to be bankrupt when it comes to originality of film posters :P

1.  This copy makes me wonder, what is wrong with people? I don’t know about Titanic, but the movie “Mausam” definitely did drown.

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