NYX Roll On Shimmer in Salmon – Can You Ever Get Enough Of Shimmer?

“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins” – Paris Hilton

Hey ladies!

So, if you’ve read some of my earlier reviews, you will know by now that I am a huge glitter/sparkles/shimmer aficionado. Be it mists, be it make-up, be it clothes, be it accessories…the works! In my world, glitter is my magic dust; it just perks me up like nobody’s business. Obviously adjusting the glitter quotient wisely so as not to look like a Christmas tree (just saying ladies!) but you get the drift right! Left to my own devices, I would even have it sprinkled on my food (the edible kind of course) and sadly I don’t but you never know till I open my own bakery and have shimmer dusted over everything. I intentionally say bakery as can’t imagine glittery Mutton/Chicken :P Okay, so I may be getting carried away here, but what I’m trying to establish is that I just can’t get enough and whenever I’m near something iridescent, I am smitten!

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Soap And Glory Hand Food Review In Flavors: Original Pink Rose Fragrance, Fruitigo And Sugar Crush

Hola beauties.. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying winters with a cup of hot soup and spicy IMBB posts. We are experiencing sudden storm alerts and fearing heavy flood & rains till weekend. Hope everything settles soon with no unwanted news and casualties. I am taking this opportunity to sit at home with my hubby and enjoy quality time, apart from baking fresh buns and bread of his choice, Yay!

Anyway, I am also here to share my latest love with you all, which will reveal the secret of my soft and glowing hands lol :P I am also guilty of ignoring them, as I felt I inherited soft and beautiful hands from my mom and have taken them for granted. However, now I am taking extra care to keep them soft and youthful, just like my mom. My mom uses pure desi ghee for her youthful skin, which is really impossible for me, since I can’t bear the smell, plus there are other factors like my oily skin and limited availability of pure ghee in today’s era! Hence, I chose to use hand creams available in markets and there is no better choice than Soap & glory hand food, right? So, let’s read on further to know more about Soap and glory hand food. :)

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Sally Hansen Fast Acting Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E and Chamomile Review

By Pratiksha S

Hello everyone,

I am back with another review. I guess everyone would agree with me that IMBB is vehry-vehry addictive and writing for this blog is something we all love. I hope everyone is keeping well. And about me well, I am into a very colourful mood this season. No no don’t take me wrong I am not in love, actually I have got this huge stash of nail paint bottles that I have to use up before this New Year season ends. ;-) So on this colourful note I would now begin with my article. The product I will review today is from Sally Hansen . It’s the Sally Hansen Fast acting nail polish remover with vitamin E and chamomile. The nail polish remover bottle states that it is a salon formula that is meant for sensitive and artificial nails. So, let’s check out how this bottle faired with me.

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Lush Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturiser Review

By Alaka S.

Hi friends,

I am here with a review of one of my favorite moisturizers and it’s from Lush – Skin’s Shangri La! Now before I go ahead with the review, you might be curious about what Shangri La means. Shangri La is actually a fictional mystical utopian place in the Oriental world.  I picked up this cream because I am on a personal mission to try all the Lush moisturizers that they have (because they all are so good) and by far this is in the top 5 :)

Lush Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturizer

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Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser – Is It Worth the Money?

Hi all,

Today, I am reviewing Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser for you all. I have dry-combination, super-sensitive and acne-prone skin, so anything which says “blemish treatment” or “prevents breakouts” does catch my attention. I have read many good reviews about this cleanser and Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser too got good points on IMBB, so I picked this version up and hoped and prayed that it would work same as its foaming cousin. But was it unto the mark? Read on to find out.

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Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal

Helllo! :D

I am here reviewing one of the most amazing Kajals I have ever come across. Funny thing is after my Kajal Magique got over, I was going to buy the Lotus ColorKick Kajal, (which is also awesome, btw), but came across this one too and as I did not see any reviews online for this kajal, I thought I would buy the same and review it for all you girls.Well anyway, I have both the kajals from Lotus Herbals and I am in love with this one a lot more, as compared to the ColorKick one. I will tell you why as you read further :)

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