My Silver Jewellery Haul Before the Puja

by Anveshi on October 16, 2011 · 46 comments

My Silver Jewellery Haul Before the Puja

I love festivals because the best thing about it, besides the fun and frolic and the prayer, is shopping. You get money from your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and you also don’t crib about spending your own savings on shopping, eating and enjoying. So, this time before the durga pujas and the coming diwali, I was obsessed and I still am with silver jewellery.

I am allergic to all metallic jewellery other than pure silver, diamonds and of course gold, but considering that I am not a very big fan of gold and I don’t even have the money to buy too much of gold, I splurged on silver jewellery and here is what I bought.

I will, of course, start with my favourite pendant piece:

My Silver Jewellery Haul before the Pujas

This is a coral dust-compressed pendant with silver detailing on it. I love the colour, I love the silver detailing. I simply love this piece.

My next buy is this silver earring with a black stone. I liked the pattern of the earring and the diamond cut on the silver to make it shine more.

silver earrings

I usually team this up with a silver pendant my masi (aunt) gifted me.

silver pendant

The pendant below was gifted by my mom, though I chose it. It is a tear-drop pendant and I love this one too.


This pendant is also a gift from a very close friend of mine and it is so simple yet so beautiful. Besides, it is perfect for wearing everyday.


The smaller one is the pendant with the cubic zircon stone. The other one is a silver ring which is rhodium plated and with the same cubic zircon stones set in. Below is the image:

silver ring

The next pendant was an impulsive buy. I am kind of confused now whether I like it or not. However, this is also in silver and set with small ADs.

silver pendant chain

collective haul

Above are all of them together. This was my jewellery shopping before the pujas. There is still time till diwali and I am hoping that I do not spend anymore, but, I already have in mind so much that I need to buy.


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