Statement Necklace Picks & My Wearable Collection

by neha on September 11, 2013 · 51 comments

Statement Necklace Picks & My Wearable  Collection

I have been hoarding statement necklaces, I am no expert and I learn from Rati and other fashionistas on IMBB :) but yes I am experimental, I purchased a couple of them and I will learn to wear them, moreover these are very basic ones that I want to start with :) These already got my neighbors very curious :P I would like to call my necklaces “wearable” statement necklaces to start with, I would like to wear what I am comfortable with :)


statement necklaces

This was a gift from Mom when she visited me, I quite like it and find it very wearable, love the color and the design too,though I would like to venture into similar and bigger blue pieces as well.

blue bead drop necklace (2)

Bought this one online, black is a must have, you might have seen this design often and this would be stunning on brighter outfits.

black statment necklace (2)

Another dual toned one in grey and gold, this shines a lot but the tones really look prettier than what it would have been if it was all gold. Very small in size, this is great for beginners like me.

pearl necklace (3)

golden choker Statement necklace (1)

This one again is a classic, there are so many designs in this similar pattern, I am finding it a little too shiny for me, but I still think it is gorgoues, beginners can stick to single not double ones like this.

golden choker Statement necklace (2)

tribal necklace
OMG this one is so pretty, it folds into little pieces and in person it is very small, so I am very happy with this one, I suppose this is a tribal design one.

golden choker necklace (3)

Its not really big but still is very cute on a simple tee, this is made out of glass of specs I reckon, and mother love is the theme.

krishna necklace

I wore this a lot with overcoat in the UK, it looks pretty and is very big in person, comes with a ribbon to tie it so you can adjust it as you like.

mauve pearcl necklace (1)

This I bought long long ago, and it has this varied length chains, it looks pretty on almost everything but I like to wear it on white lace tops.

pearl necklace (2)

Now let us see what our IMBB girls like to wear, some of them are on my wishlist!

white necklace



colorful statement necklace


Aren’t these gorgeous? And the ones below are on my wishlist too, I shop online since I really cannot spend hours in a mall shopping for “statement necklaces” but I have what I would wear. I want to try these too..




And I would like to end with my fav one from Rati’s collection ..oh la la, but as of now I would like to wear the ones I have before buying any more :P


So have you just started with these like me, or you prefer the bolder ones like Sonam Kapoor’s?

Image 1 18 19 20

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