10 Absolutely Amazing Travel Skin Care Hacks For Every Girl On the Go

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This post will feature some hacks on how to overcome beauty issues while traveling. While some people face severe breakouts, some get dehydrated and dull skin, and some girls would see their hair losing shine. Here’s you can combat these issues 🙂

10 Absolutely Amazing Travel Skin Care Hacks

1. A multi-purpose skin care product:

I have a tendency to forget stuff while I travel and I know most of you out there have the same issue. I generally forget my hair oil or hair serum which makes my hair look dull, dehyrated and rough. To overcome such hair issues, I always carry one product that does it all, for example, I always like to carry a bottle of argan oil which is good for your skin and hair. It solves my purpose and I have to bring just one thing that will take care of my skin and hair. It’s just perfect!

josie-maranpure-argan-oil as hair mask

2. Aspirin Trick for blemish-free skin:

I have dry and acne-prone skin, I tend to break out as soon as I even plan to travel (just kidding) 😛 But I breakout like crazy when I travel. To overcome this issue, I go to my nearest pharmacy and get aspirin, take one tablet, smash it, and mix it with water to make it as a paste and apply on the breakouts. Aspirin has a lot of salicylic acid which is fantastic in clearing up acne.


3. Banana face mask for smooth and supple skin:

If your skin is feeling dry and has lost its radiance, and if you are not carrying a hydrating mask, all you need is a banana from your fruit basket at the hotel or from the local grocery store. Take a banana, smash it properly. If you want, you can add a little honey also (if your skin is very dehydrated). Let it sit on your skin for 20 minutes and wash it off, this will make your skin look super radiant and smooth.


4. Easy Face Scrub To Exfoliate Skin:

Here’s how you can create a face scrub to slough off dead and dry skin with ingredients that would be easily available in your coffee/tea try in your hotel room. Grab a few brown sugar sachets from the tray and mix it with the face wash that you are carrying. Use this mixture in circular motions on your skin, this will remove all the dead skin and would give you smooth and soft skin.

5.  Honey for supple lips:

With crazy dry skin, I also suffer chronic dry lips. To soften up your lips, apply a bit of honey on your lips which will in turn get rid of chapped skin too.

6. Easy exfoliation with sugar sachets:

Another tip to get rid of chapped lips, just pick up brown sugar or white sugar from the coffee tray, mix it with a bit of honey, and scrub away your lips. This will remove all the dry and flaky skin off  your lips.

7.  Green tea/chamomile tea to heal irritated skin:

Your skin might need to calm down after a rough day out traveling.  To soothe your skin, you could easily ask your hotel to provide you green tea or chamomile tea bags. Green tea and chamomile have healing properties and would also help you fight acne. Just put tea bag in a glass of water and let it cool. Then dip a cloth in that water and dab on your face. This concoction would calm your skin and make you feel fresh.


8. Facial while traveling – surprised?

All you need is just yogurt and honey. Just mix both these together and apply it on your face. Let it sit for like 10-15 minutes and wash it off! This will leave your skin radiant and smooth.

9. Get rid of those puffy eyes:

For tired and puffy eyes from all that travelling, just take two spoons and let them cool in the mini refrigerator in your room. Place those cold spoons on your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes and this would help you get rid of the puffiness.

10. Tea bags to lighten dark circles:

We generally don’t get proper sleep when we are traveling and that may result in dark circles. Get some used green tea bags, cool them in the mini refrigerator for a while, and let these bags sit on your eyes for 10 minutes.  Bye bye dark circles after that!

I hope you guys would benefit from these above tips when you guys are traveling!

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