10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin

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Witch Hazel is a shrub found in North America and its extracts are widely used in many skincare products. It is rich in tannins, polyphenols and active ingredients which are known to provide soothing and anti-ageing benefits for your skin, hair and body.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin7

Read on to know how you can incorporate witch hazel into your skincare routine.

1. Acne Treatment:

Witch hazel contains tannins, which act as a natural astringent to remove excess oil and dirt from the surface of your skin, thereby preventing and treating acne. It also acts as a great substitute for a comedogenic moisturiser, which does more harm than good for acne prone skin. Witch hazel can be applied using a cotton round or ball to remove the excess dirt and oil from your freshly cleansed face.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin3

2. Treats Puffy Eyes:

Witch hazel can treat puffy eyes by tightening and firming the skin around your eyes. Soak cotton rounds in some cold witch hazel and place it over the eyes for around 5 to 10 minutes. The cool temperature will also help to remove the excess fluid accumulated in your under eye skin.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin8

3. Treats Sun Burns:

Witch hazel has natural soothing properties, therefore it can be used to soothe sun burnt skin. After a day of prolonged exposure to the sun, apply cold witch hazel all over the face. It will heal your skin and prevent excessive drying.

4. Anti–Cancerous and Anti-Ageing Benefits:

Witch hazel is found to be a common ingredient in anti-ageing skincare products. The tannins and polyphenols help to fight cancer, as they help to eliminate malignant cells in our skin. It also helps to slow down the ageing process and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin

5. Lightens Scars:

Witch hazel helps to reduce scars by accelerating the healing process, thereby reducing swelling and inflammation, and constrict blood vessels. It helps to fade discolorations caused by acne and acne scars.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin2

6. Treats and Prevents Razor Burns:

Witch hazel also proves to be useful for applying before and after shaving. It prevents the formation of itchy bumps which form around the hair follicles after shaving. It acts as an astringent to prevent any dirt and oil from entering the freshly shaved skin. It also helps to stop bleeding from nicks and cuts which occur during the shaving process.

7. Heals Cuts and Bruises:

Minor cuts and bruises can be treated with the application of witch hazel. It helps to clean the cuts, provide antiseptic properties thereby preventing infections. It will also help to heal such minor cuts quickly.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin6

8. Treats Dry Skin:

It might seem odd that witch hazel can also treat dry skin apart from treating acne. But, witch hazel is known to lock in the moisture more effectively than other skin care products and provide prolonged hydration to the skin. After showering, immediately apply witch hazel to retain the moisture in the skin.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin1

9. Shrinks Varicose Veins:

Witch hazel can be used to shrink swollen varicose veins. Simply take a soft cloth and soak it in witch hazel. Place it over the affected areas. It will constrict the blood vessels, reduce swelling and the pain. Remember to keep your body elevated for the witch hazel to work effectively.

10. Treats Ear Infections:

Witch hazel can also treat ear infections such as Swimmer’s Ear. Simply add a few drops of witch hazel into the ear using a dropper. It will dry up the pus, clear the excess oil and break the wax blocking the ear canal. Allow it to drain out of the ear, and follow it up with an antiseptic to clean up the area.

10 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel for Your Skin5

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