10 Amazing Conditioner Hacks for Healthy Hair



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Using a hair conditioner after shampooing is a must if you want your hair to be soft, smooth and manageable. Using the wrong type of conditioner or wrong application method can do more damage than benefit for your skin. In this post, I will share a few conditioner hacks that can be super awesome for your hair.

Amazing Conditioner Hacks for Healthy Hair

1. Use DIY Recipes: DIYs are the best if you have time in your hand. You can make chemical-free conditioners easily at home. You can customize the ingredients according to the need of your hair and create an amazing formula just for your hair.

2. Use the Right Type: Try to pick a conditioner that is the best for your hair type. If you have super thick, voluminous hair, heavier, cream-based products will work on your hair. If your hair is thin and limp, picking the spray variants will be better.

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3. Be consistent with It: Applying the conditioner once a month won’t help your hair. You must use it every time you are shampooing the hair. Hair styling, pollution, lifestyle issues damage the hair no matter what you do. To make the damage less evident, using a conditioner after each hair wash is a must. Opt for something that won’t damage the hair even when you use it 2-3 times a week.

4. Condition the Tips: The tips of your hair are old and thus they are drier and rougher than the roots. Thus your tips need the conditioner more than the roots. Apply the conditioner to the tips and then work it up so than all areas get the amount of moisture that they need.

5. Apply the Conditioner First: A few shampoos can be super drying for the hair even though they are effective. If you get the dry, frizzy feel in your hair, you can use the conditioner first. This reverse method locks the moisture in your hair and while the shampoo cleans the scalp, it does not get a chance to dry out the hair.

Conditioner hacks for smooth hair

6. Leave it on Long Enough: Just like your moisturizers, the conditioner needs some time to work and show the effect. Do not wash it off immediately after applying. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wash off after that. You can also use the variants that can be left on the hair overnight for better results.

7. Use it as a Mask: If you do not want to invest in a separate hair mask, it is absolutely fine. You can apply a generous amount of the conditioner, leave it longer than usual and then wash it off. But do not opt for too strong conditioner as leaving it for long can be bad for the hair.

8. Comb with Conditioner On: Shampooing can at times tangle up your hair too much and detangling can be very problematic. You can easily do that with your conditioner on. Apply the conditioner and after it sits for 5 minutes, detangle the hair. It will be an easier and smoother process and there will be lesser hair loss.

9. Wash it off thoroughly: It is very important to wash off all the conditioners form the hair after it sits for the required amount of time. If you do not do that, they can clog the follicles and make the hair dull. Rinse the hair well with lukewarm water to remove all the residue.

10. Use Conditioner for Styling: If you are a “minimal product” kind of a person, using a leave on conditioner can help you to style the hair without using any separate product for that. The conditioner will make the hair smooth and shiny and styling it will be a lot easier.

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