10 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk is steadily gaining popularity all across the world as an excellent substitute for dairy milk. For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, there is a wonderful alternative. However, in addition to that, almond milk is packed with countless health and beauty benefits. It makes your skin glow, it strengthens your teeth and bones, it’s good for the heart, and much, much more. So, for all these reasons, almond milk is something that everyone should consider including in their diet.

Soft and glowing skin

11 Healthy and Beauty Benefits of Almond Milk:

1. Enhances your skin:  Almond milk is loaded with Vitamin E, which is a wonder ingredient for your skin. To get glowing, clear and healthy skin, drinking almond milk is a good option. It also neutralizes the free radicals in the body and helps prevents signs of premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. It will keep your skin looking youthful.

2. Improves quality of hair: Almond milk contains biotin, which works well to maintain the health and quality of your hair. This prevents premature greying of hair, dandruff as well as hair fall and breakage.

3. Strengthens teeth and bones: Packed with a healthy dose of calcium, almond milk is just as good as regular dairy milk in terms of building your bones and strengthening your teeth.


4. Builds immunity: Almond milk contains a fair amount of antioxidants and Vitamin D, which neutralize free radicals, prevent cell damage, and help to build immunity and keeps your bones healthy.

5. Improves vision: Almonds are known to improve eyesight and vision, and the same goes for almond milk. A great source of Vitamin A, almond milk helps maintains healthy eyesight.

6. Increases energy levels: Drinking almond milk regularly is sure to keep you active and energetic at all times. Almond milk contains nutrients such as riboflavin, manganese and copper, all of which keep your energy levels up. A good substitute for coffee!

7. Keeps your heart healthy: Almond milk contains all the healthy and essential fats (Omega 3 fatty acids) and low amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol. Drinking almond milk, therefore, is a good way to keep your cholesterol level in check and prevent the onset of heart disease.


8. Regulates blood pressure: The Vitamin D content in almond milk helps facilitate the blood flow in the veins, thereby regulating and controlling blood pressure problems in the body.

9. Maintains kidney health: Almond milk is considered as one of the best milk options if you have any health issues related to the kidneys. The limited amounts of potassium and phosphorus in almond milk help keep the kidneys in good condition.

10. Enhances memory: We all know how miraculously almonds work to improve brainpower and enhance memory. Almond milk does the very same.

Apart from all these benefits listed above, almond milk is also an excellent drink if you’re trying to maintain your weight. Additionally, it prevents many other diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, colon cancer, anemia, migraine headaches and more. For its numerous health and beauty benefits, almond milk is a drink worth including in your daily diet.

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