10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers

By Chanchala Bose

Hii Lovelies,

Sweating is a very common phenomenon among all the ladies. And it is nothing to shy away from, we all go through this at some time or the other in our life. But, sweating can be a real issue in some cases. For ladies, it can be a big turn off in public. And, since the global warming is on a rise these days; we are left with never ending summers. So, don’t worry. We at IMBB are at your disposal.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers3

Here we will be giving you some easy peasy tips on how to sweat less this summers.

1. Eat Healthy Foods:

The first and foremost tip is to eat healthily. Stick to light and healthy foods. Try to go for light nutritious meals and increase the intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers

2. Clean Yourself Well:

Just remember that you need to clean yourself regularly. The odour in your body is not because of sweat but, because of the bacteria in your body. So, in summers you must scrub your body twice or thrice a week or even more than that depending on your body type.

3. Formula Based Deodorants:

These days the market is flooded with a number of deodorants and antiperspirants. You can use roll-ons, gels and sprays. So, better go for the ones which you feel is correct for your body type.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers6

4. Check the Timings:

Now, this is more on trial and error basis. Firstly, go for a long lasting deodorant and then check the timings. Try to apply a deodorant in the morning and then see if it survives till night, if not then try the other way.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers4

5. Cooling Effect:

Try to use a deodorant or roll on which has a cooling effect. The fragrance based ones can make your skin dry and will further dehydrate your body and give a peculiar smell. So, go for the deodorants which have methanol content in them.

6. Sleep:

Perfect sleep is a must. So, try to have a sound and comfortable sleep. Make sure that your bedsheet is light and your body receives adequate air.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers1

7. Expose Yourself to Light and Air:

In summers you must spend some time outside. Try to take a walk post dinner at night or go for a morning walk. When your body stays in contact with air and water then, it will sweat less.

8. Lose Some Weight:

You might have observed that overweight people sweat much more than the thin people. So, try to reduce weight. You will see that you will see a vast change in sweat release.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers2

9. Less Stress:

This is extremely important. Because when you sweat more then, the sweat glands gets activated and they start sweating. That’s why you might have seen a person sweating badly when he is tensed.

10. Shave Regularly:

Sometimes having too much of body hair can also be a major cause for excessive sweating. So, better shave regularly. Try to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. This will ensure that smooth and clear skin sweats less.

10 Amazing Tips to Sweat Less in Summers4

So, these were some the easy peasy and practical tips to sweat less in summers. Try to use them and let us know which one is your favourite.

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