10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing

We all have that one neighbor or colleague or a friend in our life who will never miss a chance to comment on our makeup, or no makeup days for that matter. We try to hide under the table or behind the lamp post even if we see their shadows walking towards us but we can’t be always lucky. Can we? The answer is NO and on those unlucky days no one can save us from those annoying statements. If only they knew that we can really do with their not so valuable opinions then life would have been easy for us.

Here’s what they say that annoy us and our thoughts when we hear them talk about our makeup life:-

1) These chemicals are not good for your skin:-
Well, do you know that all those veggies you’re carrying right now in your shopping bag are not good for your stomach? Even the air you’re breathing is polluted. We choose death by makeup, you see!

2) You’re already beautiful. You don’t need make up:-
Seriously? Do you really think that make up products are for only those who’re not beautiful? Moreover, did you just say beautiful? Then show me one person who is not beautiful and I will stop using makeup products! I SWEAR!

10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing 3

3) Whom you’re trying to impress?
Certainly, not YOU! Some people think that girls apply makeup to impress someone especially boys. But the truth is that we don’t keep such unrealistic expectations!

10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing 4

4) Why you’re wearing makeup? What’s the occasion?
I wish I had answer for all the “whys” in the world. But well, does it sound strange that I don’t need any occasion to apply basic makeup? Sometimes, these so called people will make you feel over dressed even if you just have applied a nude lipstick on your lips.

5) Actually you’re looking better today without makeup than with makeup yesterday:-

Distraught woman
Distraught woman

Actually, today I have just applied primer, foundation, Concealer, compact, transparent mascara and nude lipstick to look this makeup free but still that wouldn’t stop you from commenting. Grrrr!

6) You should stay away from all those makeup products , if you want to stop pimples:-
I agree that some products causes severe breakout or may exaggerate them. But make up products are not the only culprit. There could be thousand of reasons for pimples and it’s important to identify the correct reason before delivering our final verdict on makeup products.

7) Why don’t you stick to one makeup brand or product?
Can you eat chicken briyani daily?

10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing 5

8) Did you fight with someone today? You look so angry!
No, I just didn’t apply any makeup today.

10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing 6

9) Why don’t you pose nicely for the picture?
Dude, just spill the beans. I know what you’re trying to say. But I am not wearing any make up today. So no matter how hard you try I will still look like a diarrhea patient.

10) But you already have this product:-

10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing 7

*Sigh*! Please come to my place on Sunday so that I can explain to you that why I need this product and how it’s different from the other products I already have.

It seems that these people are more concerned about our makeup than the health of their own family members. May be they have good intentions but saying negative thing always and repeating them everyday just doesn’t make us feel good about it. Share this post to let them know how much their views on our makeup annoys us and we can only hope that they will leave us alone with our lovely and colorful makeup world! 😉 😀

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10 thoughts on “10 Annoying Things That All Makeup Lovers are Tired of Hearing

  1. he he he!!!I have heard each one of these comments..especially ‘Whom are u trying to impress?’. I have always responded, ‘myself’. Nce compilation Shainee!!

  2. True, people do have all the time, specially to observe others and pass remarks…. No matter how busy or occupied they are, they won’t miss our lipstick shade or eyeshadow and unnecessarily comment….. Compliments are always welcome and pleases us but not sarcasm…. Nice article????????????????

  3. One more – “How do you get time for makeup? I don’t have time for this (read “faltu / vain / etc”)…”

    What I say – “It just takes 5 minutes to do a basic “grooming” makeup.

    What I want to say – “Do you get time for brushing your teeth or taking a bath??”

  4. Ha ha… i always hear these from various people around me and it annoys the hell out of me. Some people have this absolute need to stick their noses into other peoples’ lives (read faces) :p

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