10 Avant-Garde Instagram Beauty Trends that Went Viral in 2016

Hello IMBBians,

I joined Instagram when Rati had posted pictures on Fauxpas and had mentioned to follow her Instagram account for more. From then, I have been stalking Rati. 😀 But with the #imbbmakeupgurus, we are learning more and more about makeup. I have followed a tonne of people and have come across beauty trends that have gone viral. While some trends are worth trying, some made me go “Like seriously? Who wants to do this to themselves?”! In this post, I have included 10 unconventional beauty trends which made headlines in 2016.


100 Layers Challenge


Ever since “The Polish Mountain” came in, people went crazy! While many succeeded, it was not a good sight. We had a small ewww kind of discussion on Madam Gupshup too. But, this trend didn’t stop at polish mountain and went on for 100 layers of foundation, 100 layers of mascara, 100 layers of lipstick and also 100 layers of clothing. There was a video that went viral; it was about a girl who couldn’t get out and suffocated after doing the 100 layers of t-shirt challenge. This trend topped all the crazy trends in 2016.

Nail Trends


Nail trends grew a lot this year with matte nails and metallic mirrored nails being the most tried and loved trend. We also had beautiful nail arts that caught our eyes. But there were also weird nail trends. Fur nails with weird fur hanging down from the tip of your fingers made a mark in this year. Scorpion nails with baby scorpion being stuck on your nails was the most extreme nail trend.

Crystal Lip Art


Who doesn’t love to have the perfect pout! We have our own divas on IMBB who have perfect lips but crystal lips made an entry in the beauty world this year. Stones, pyrites, metals: there were so many things that got tried. While all of them look dazzling I wonder how much time gets consumed while creating such looks. And crystals over your lips? That’s a nay for me!

Halloween Trends


I have seen the most amazing Halloween trends this year. We can conclude only one thing from this trend: makeup can be used to make a goddess out of you and also be used to create the evil and scary jaw-dropping looks.

Glitter Looks


Instagram was filled with glitters in 2016. From applying them to your hair sections to creating glitter tears to sporting glittery armpits, the look is here to stay. And after all, we are still kids inside who go gaga over glitters.

Hair Trends


Braids were in this year! But one of the most sported looks was adding rings to the braids on your hair. After Kim Kardashian sported this look, it went super viral and I saw most of the celebs sporting the look.

Fake Freckles


I am not sure about this obsession but I have seen stencils to create this look. While we all want a perfectly flawless look, this trend has taken the world by storm and many runway models have sported this trend. So having freckles is not bad, after all!

Mermaid Looks


Mermaids were ‘in’ this year. We saw a tonne of women sporting the mermaid shiny looks on their faces. There were few people who went to the extremes and dared to stick fish to their faces to sport the look.

Hair Colour


While ombre hair trend created a buzz in 2015, 2016 made way for different hair colours. Grandma silver grey was the most popular color and many Hollywood celebs sported this trend. While I do not want to look old before my hair starts turning grey, the shiny grandma grey caught my attention.

Men in Makeup


One of the best things that happened on Instagram was men daring to show off to the world that they can be straight yet can love makeup. I am sure this broke a lot of barriers and many came out and created beautiful looks and proved they are no less than women in the makeup department. 

So, these were the few beauty trends I noticed. Do you think we can still make the list bigger? 🙂

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