10 Beauty Hacks Straight from Your Kitchen

Indian kitchen is filled with stuffs that are really good for your skin and health. There are a number of hidden gems in our kitchen but we don’t know how to use them to bring the best out of our skin.


So, worry not, your best friend IMBB is here. We will take care of your skin just as we promised. So here, presenting you some super kitchen hacks worth trying for your skin .

1. Peppermint Scrub:


We have always known that spices are good for your skin. But have you ever them used them as scrubs? How about using peppermint as facial scrubs? Grind peppermint and dilute it with water and apply on the face. It will help you improve blood circulation and reduce the facial skin to a great extent.

2. Cinnamon and Honey Masque:


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If blackheads and whiteheads is your concern, then this is the beauty treatment from your kitchen’s closet, that you need to know. Make a mask using cinnamon and honey and apply it on the area around your nose. This will instantly help you to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads by moisturizing the skin too.

3. Milk for hair loss:


Do you know that milk can be extremely important when you suffering from hair loss issues? But applying products to your hair won’t solve anything. Why not drink a glass of hot milk every night? This will prevent your hair strands from shedding.

4. Sunburn remedy:

You might have heard many sunburn remedies like turmeric, honey, tomato and all that. But let’s try something different. Grind strawberries, honey and yogurt together and keep the mixture in fridge. You can apply this once on your face every day. See the improvement in your complexion within 15 days only.

5. Sleep on your back:

Do you know that sleeping on your back will help you prevent wrinkles. Also, sleeping on the back will bring the blood circulation directly to your face which will give your face a beautiful glowy finish.

6. Salt on pimples:


Have you ever heard of sprinkling some salt on your pimples? Salt has anti bacterial properties. So, why not sprinkle some salt over the pimples. This will instantly cause the pimples to dry out and thus within some time, your pimple will shrink and dry out.

7. Make your own lipstick:

How about making your own in-house lipstick? Make a fresh beetroot juice and dilute it with a faded pink lipstick. This will give your pink lipstick a new life and you will be rocking your organic red lippie.

8. Butter as after shave care:


If bumpy and red skin with lots of irritation post shaving is your area of concern then, why not apply a bit of butter on your skin post shaving. This will retain the healthy and silky finish of your skin by giving it a healthy glow.

9. Fight a double chin:

How to get rid of double chin in an innovative way? Rub a caffeine rich cellulite cream on your jaw line. This will instantly flush out the excess fluid from your face. And within some days, your puffy face will turn into gorgeous shape.

10. Pepto Bismol facial:

Why not try to apply some Pepto Bismol on your face, and after 10 minutes, once the pepto bismol pack dries up, wash off with water.

These are some of the most unusual kitchen hacks for your gorgeous skin. Hope you like them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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