10 Beauty Treatments You Can Easily Do Yourself at Home

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I think all of us roam around with a girl-stache at least for a week or so because we are too lazy to get them done. So, let’s look at a few treatments which can be done at home, for better grooming and to save some bucks too! 😉

10 Beauty Treatments You Can Easily Do Yourself at Home

1. Getting Rid of Girl-Stache
My upper lip has a faster growth than my eyebrows and I hate making two trips to the salon for threading them. So I thread them once at home. It’s all very easy and simple. It’s also very embarrassing to do the walk of shame from the salon to your home, with your upper lip all red.

2. Tweeze Stray Hair from Eyebrows
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I prefer getting my eyebrows done with a fuller growth; otherwise the salon people make them too thin. So I just tweeze around. You don’t have to get it in correct shape, you can just tweeze the strays to get a neat look.

3. ManicurePedicure

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Again, mani-pedi can be done at home. It’s simpler plus you don’t have to make an extra trip to the salon. You get various mani-pedi kits and the tools. You can use them and get a clean, great look and skip the trips to the salon. I do them at home all the time. You can also create your own foot scrubs and soaks.

4. Clean Your Bikini Line
I have been wanting to get a bikini wax from ages but anticipating the pain is killing me. So till the time I gather courage, I will just use a trimmer. You can also shave, but do look into the dos and don’ts before shaving or trimming.

5. Facial
I always get facials done at home. I’m in the comfort of my own house and there is no interruption. You can get facial steamers and create great DIY recipes to get the glowing look. It’s a much healthier option.

6. Body Scrub
homemade body scrub

We often exfoliate our faces and forget our body. For body scrubbing, you can use TBS body scrubs. If you don’t want to invest in a scrub, then you can create your own at home. They provide a nice silky, smooth feel to your body.

7. Hot Oil Massage
I think this a mantra for Indian women. We oil our hair every week. It increases the circulation in your head and stimulates hair growth. You can put hot oil on your head and seal it with a shower cap and wash it away. It’ll make your hair soft and silky.

8. Trim Your Bangs
trim bangs at home

Bangs grow out so fast, and trimming your bangs costs almost as much as getting your hair done. It hardly takes a month for them to grow. You can start experimenting with it.

9. Teeth Whitening
We all love wine and coffee; but those stains! Baking soda and peroxide work great in removing your teeth stains. Do try it at home. You can get sparkling white teeth.

10. Blowout

blowout at home

Often we get last minute invitations to birthdays and dinners. You may not be having a good hair day. You can give your hair a good blowout using your hairbrush and a blow dryer. This way you save the time of running to the salon and also you’ve got great hair now!

These are some treatments you can try at home. I have tried most of them and can’t wait to try the rest.

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