10 Best Hair Curlers To Add Some Twist To Your Hair

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From beachy waves to tight curls, curled hair brings great makeover to your usual hair. While choosing a hair curler, you should keep in mind your hair quality and length and the type of curl you want. In this post, I will tell you about the top 10 hair curlers available. They help you to get beautiful curly hair without damaging it. Go through the list and pick one to give your hair some twist!

10 Best Hair Curlers To Add Some Twist To Your Hair

1. Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600:


A list of beauty tools will be always incomplete without Philips products. It has a large barrel that allows you to create loose, soft, bouncy waves. It does not damage the hair and also adds some shine to it. It is super easy to use and you can get the curling done within minutes. The curls stay intact for 4 hours even without any setting spray. If you are looking for a budget-friendly curling rod, this one is the best.

2. Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler:


If you want to try different kinds of curls, this is a great option from Philips. This allows you to create the loose waves and tight curls at home. It comes with various attachments and you can choose one that suits your need. It allows you to style your hair differently everyday without making it dry or damaged.

3. Corioliss The Wand Hair Curler:


Get your Hollywood style curls with this amazing hair curler. This is a great product to curl sleek, straight hair. The glamour wand has a conical barrel with a diameter that varies from 30mm to 20mm. therefore it can be used to get tight curls or loose waves, depending on your choice. It has a tourmaline ceramic barrel that makes the curls much softer. You can set the temperature according to your need and it won’t damage your hair ever.

4. BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl:


This curler allows you to get beautiful curls in 10-15 minutes. It is super easy to use and give a very professional kind of makeover to your boring, everyday hair. It comes with different heat and time settings and allows you to try out different kinds of curls. The product does not damage the hair at all.

5. Babyliss 2020CE Fun Style 8 in 1 Hair Styler:


If you love playing with your hairstyles, bless your hair with this one. You can try 8 varieties of hairstyles and curls with this one and the details of using all the accessories are mentioned. It is easy to use and you can carry the varieties you want in your luggage. It comes with ceramic plating and your hair won’t be damaged even if you use this every day.

6. Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron:


This one is a great choice for all hair types. It has 25 different heat settings according to hair texture; you can use the one you need. It gives defined curls even if you use large sections of your hair. It heats up fast, curls your hair quickly and cools down fast without damaging your hair. If you want something that will suit your hair texture, no matter what, grab this one now.

7. Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610:


If you want curly noodle type of hair, this chopstick curler is all that you need. It creates intense, beautiful curl within minutes. The curls stay long and more than 24hours. The curls also stay the next day and stays for half a day and then the curls get loose. It also adds lots of volume to the hair. This comes with ceramic plating too and thus the hair strands are not damaged.

8. Hot Tools 24K Gold Salon Curling Iron:


Get soft, smooth curls with this gold plated curling iron. The gold plating helps to heat up faster and distributes heat evenly. It also prevents hair damage. You can change the heat settings to get a variety of curls done. It also adds lots of shine and volume to the hair. The curls stay intact for 4-5 hours.

9. Remington Hair Essentials Ceramic 19mm Tong CI19:


You can get the most gorgeous beach waves using this curling tong. The curler heats up quickly and you can get gorgeous curls even when you are in a hurry. It has heat indicator and ceramic plating that minimizes any chance of hair damage. It is very budget friendly and you can get salon like curly hair effect using this product.

10. Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand Review:


Our IMBB boss lady- Rati created gorgeous, wavy hair using this magic wand. It heats up the curls within seconds. You will need a few minutes to get your hair done. There is also a 60-minute automatic shut down. So in case you forgot to switch off your curling iron, you need not worry. The curl stays in place for 2-3 days. If you are lazy and need an easy to use yet effective wand, this will definitely do the magic.

Hope you find this post helpful. If you are not yet convinced about using a curler, do not feel disappointed. I will be back soon with some fabulous heatless methods of curling your hair.

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