10 Best Hair Dryers To Style Your Hair Without Any Damage

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Winter is all about dressing up and partying all night. Hairstyles are essential parts of your glamorous look and if you do not want to go to a parlour, a hair dryer can be the saviour. However, many stay away from styling tools fearing hair damage. In this post, I will tell you about the best hair dryers available in the market. They will help you to dry and style your hair and won’t make it dull and frizzy. If you cherish your beautiful hair, these are the best options available for you in the market. You can pick any one and your hair will look stylish, healthy and happy.

10 Best Hair Dryers To Style Your Hair Without Any Damage

1. Vega Blooming Air 1000 Hair Dryer:


I decided to start off with the most affordable, yet amazing hair dryer available. It allows drying waist length hair in less than 10 minutes. It is lightweight and travel-friendly. It has an automated overheat cut out that prevent any chance of accident and hair damage. It also has a cool setting that allows you to style the hair after drying it. Considering the price, it’s definitely the best one available in the market.

2. Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Grooming Kit:


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Here is one more from vega and this one comes with a dryer and a straightener. Using the dryer, you can dry your hair really quickly. It also adds some shine and softness to the hair which is definitely a plus point. You can control the amount of air that comes out and also the heat level. Unlike the dryers used in salons, this one allows the right amount of heat to dry and style the hair without damaging it.

3. Philips BHD006/00 Essential Care Foldable Travel Hairdryer 1600W:


Philips is the most trusted electronic appliance brand in India and when it comes to styling accessories, they produce some really good products. The hairdryer comes with 3-speed settings. One is for strong airflow for faster hair drying. The other one is constant caring temperature for efficient drying. The third one is the cool shot setting to set your style. It seals the cuticle & gives shine to the hair. It does not damage the hair at all and retains the glossiness. It is foldable and you can easily carry it with luggage while travelling

4. Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer:


Here is another hair dryer from Philips that also makes the hair bouncy and adds volume. It comes with a ThermoProtect setting which gives quick but very smooth results. It is a 1200W hair dryer, which pretty good for daily use. It has 3 drying settings and you can use one that suits your need. For extremely long hair, it takes no more than 10 minutes to dry the hair up. Overall, this is a very gentle yet effective hair dryer available in the market.

5. BaByliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer:


If you want to curl your hair a little, this dryer is a great choice, It comes with a diffuser which can be used for creating natural curls. It comes with 3 different speed and temperature settings. It never makes the hair frizzy and adds natural shine and bounce to the hair. Also, it comes with a nozzle, which allows concentrated hair drying. The product looks very classy and you will love having this in your collection.

6. Braun Satin Hair 3 Power Perfection 2000W Hair Dryer:


This is a great product to make your hair look stylish every day. It comes with 3 heat settings and 2 airflow settings that helps to dry the hair everyday without causing any damage. The styling nozzle helps to create sleek smooth style while the diffuser adds volume to the roots. The dryer may not feel that professional in terms of looks, but they have really nailed the weight issue. This feels very light despite working almost like a professional hair dryer. The job is done faster with a boar bristle brush to straighten the hair while blow drying. If you love multi-taskers you will love to use this to dry your nail polish too!

7. Remington Model D3700 Dual Turbo 2000W Hair Dryer:


If you want a little expensive hair dryer that works in a very professional way, but this one. It is a great choice for peace-loving people as it does not make any noise despite being heavy duty and 2000w. This comes with a nozzle to blow dry your hair straight or without it; you could quickly dry your hair in a jiffy. It also helps to add volume to the hair. It never heats up much and is safe to use.

8. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer:


This is a great product to keep your hair safe from any kind of damage. It has ionic technology to keep frizzy hair away and ceramic technology that dries hair without causing any damage. It has multiple heat and airflow settings that help to dry and style the hair according to your wish. It also comes with a bottle of argan oil that protects, revitalizes and nourishes hair. It also has a cold shot button to lock in curls, waves and style. Overall this is a great hair dryer to style your hair frequently without making it dull and dry.

9. John Frieda Volume and Shine Full Volume 1875 Watt Hair Dryer:


Here is again a budget-friendly, yet effective hair dryer. It dries long hair in 10 minutes and also makes it sleek and shiny. It has 3 different temperature settings and a cold shot to style your hair. You can also use it to add volume to the hair. If you have thin hair, this is your ideal choice.

10. Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND12:

Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND12

The last one is an affordable yet very effective product for everyday use. It is lightweight and can be carried easily on your trips. It dries up super long hair very quickly. The nozzle helps in better air flow. Also, it makes the hair very bouncy and if you have long, limp hair, you will love it. It is very convenient to use too. So if you have never used one before, this dryer will save you and your hair.

I hope you will find the list useful. Most of these are available in India and are affordable. Drying hair in the winter season becomes an issue, so a hair dryer can be your saviour. Pick one of these and you won’t regret.

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