10 Best Makeup Tips for Round Eyes

By Khadeeja A.

Hello everyone,

There are many different eye shapes, and one single makeup style doesn’t suit every eye shape. It is important to understand your eye shape and apply makeup accordingly in order to get the perfect look. Today, I am going to share some really helpful tips for women with round eyes.

How to identify round eyes?

If your eyes are equal in width and height, then you have round eyes. Another feature of round eyes is that the white portion of your eye is visible below your iris (eyeballs).

Now that we have identified the eye shape, let’s learn a few helpful tips on how to enhance them. Read on to know more.

Lighten the eyelids

Use light coloured eyeshadows on the eyelids. Use soft or neutral shades on the lids. This helps in avoiding your eyes from looking rounder than they already are.

The ‘v’ at the outer corner

Apply dark shades at the outer corner of your eyes. Use the dark shade in the crease and form a ‘v’ at the outer corner. This will widen your eyes and will balance the geometry of the eyes well.

Careful with the smokey look

The typical smokey eye look is not for you. However, if you are a fan of smokey eyes and want to sport that look, go for a more gradual and soft smokey look. Start with a lighter shade on the eyelid and go smokey towards the tip. You can also sport coloured smokey eye makeup instead of the black one. This will brighten up your eyes and go well with your eye shape.

Lower lash line

Conceal the under eye area well and add some colour to the lower lashline and blend it neatly. This will reduce the height of your eyes.

Stretched eyeliner

When applying eyeliner, stretch the eyeliner outwards. Add a wing and give your eyes an elongated look.

Thin eyeliner

Don’t go heavy handed with your eyeliner. Start with a thin line at the inner corner, and slowly increase the thickness as you go towards the outer corner. Keep it thin till the centre of the eye. Thick eyeliner will make round eyes look droopy and unflattering.

Define the corner

Use a liner or kajal and define the inner corner of the eye. This will add further width to the eyes. However, if you have closely set eyes, you can avoid this.

The kohl trick

Don’t line your lower lash line heavily with kohl. Apply a thin line of kohl to your waterline. You can also use coloured eyeliners and kohls.

Lash game

If you use fake eyelashes, use lashes which are voluminous at the outer corner. Basically, we need to add some width to the eyes and give them a more delicate and appealing look.

Hope this helps.

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