10 Best Night Creams For Women With Dry Skin

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In this post, I have listed down the best night creams for dry skinned beauties. These creams work over-night to heal the damages and make the skin plump and hydrated in the morning. These creams are heavier than the day creams and work even better. If you are yet to find the best nourishing night cream for your dry skin, scroll down. You will definitely find one to pamper your skin.

10 Best Night Creams For Women With Dry Skin

1. FabIndia Vitamin E Enriched Night Cream For Dry Skin:


This is the best budget-friendly option for our dry skinned beauties. The night cream has a very creamy texture which is just right for dry skin. It is neither too greasy nor too drying on the skin. A small amount of product is required and it gets absorbed quickly and easily by the skin. It makes the face smooth and soft in the morning and you will definitely love the freshness it provides.

2. Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream:


If you are a dry-skinned beauty with blemishes and acne-scar this is the best product for you. This particular anti blemish pigmentation cream has brilliant ingredient list which is totally herbal. With continuous usage, it brightens the skin really well. It fades scar and your complexion improves a lot. It also heals dry patches on the face and adds the right dose of moisture to keep the face hydrated throughout the day.

3. Lotus Professional PHYTORx Deep Moisturising Crème:


This is a deep moisturizing cream. It has a white, rich creamy texture that glides smoothly on face and blends with few massages. It also absorbs into the skin nicely and feels comfortable on the skin. It has a very fresh natural smell. This cream is specially formulated for moisturizing and it does its job perfectly to make your skin soft and smooth. It is a nourishing cream as it instantly provides deep hydration to one’s skin. Although it is for dry –skinned beauties, girls with oily skin can give it a try in the winter.

4. L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Youth Boosting Night Cream:


If you want your skin to be young forever, give this one a try. Jokes apart, this is an amazing night cream for dry skinned beauties. It adds instant glow and softness to the skin. Your skin will look brighter and fresher in the next morning. It provides great nourishment for your dry skin and the skin. It improves skin texture and regular uses make your skin brighter, healthier and better.

5. Olay Essentials Complete Care Night Cream for Normal/Dry/Combination Skin:


This Olay night cream is great for dry skinned beauties. It is very lightweight and free from harsh chemicals including paraben. Regular usage of this cream makes your face healthy, fresh and radiant. The skin feels soft and nourished the next morning and you will love to see the brightness if you use it regularly.

6. Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Cream:


This cream works best on dry, ageing skin. It moisturizes the skin well and reduces the dry patches. It tightens up the skin and works on wrinkles and fine lines. The face feels super soft, fresh and hydrated in the morning. It is free of harmful chemicals and it won’t cause any breakout on your sensitive skin.

7. The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream:


This sleeping cream contains the goodness of 7 powerful essential oils and they help to improve skin condition. It provides the best dose of moisture to the skin and makes skin super soft and supple. On the next morning, your skin will look skin very smooth and glowing. It helps to heal the dry skin too and instantly cure dry patches within a night. Regular usage will improve the skin texture and make it glow.

8. Clarins HydraQuench Cream For Normal To Dry Skin:


This is one of the best moisturizers for dry skinned beauties. Even the celebs are big fans of this product. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to retain the moisture balance of the skin. It repairs the dryness overnight and keeps the face soft and supple throughout the day. Continuous usage of this cream will definitely give you a healthier skin.

9. Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme:


This is an amazing anti-ageing cream for dry skinned beauties. It gets absorbed quickly, so will be liked by both dry and oily skin beauties. Also, it can be used both in summers and winter time. The cream is rich in moisturizers and anti-oxidants, which is definitely a plus. In the morning, it gives soft, smooth, fresh and “a glow from within look” to the skin. You will love the visible changes if you use it regularly. Give it a try and you will definitely thank me later.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream:


It contains castor seed oil and vitamin E which hydrates and moisturizes dry skin amazingly well. If you suffer from very dry skin, this cream will be a saviour. It gives life to your dry and dull skin. It makes the skin look plumper, hydrated and glowy. It hydrates the ski wonderfully and you will love the soft, bright skin the next morning.

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