10 Best Red Lip Liners

10 Best Red Lip Liners

We all have an epic red lipstick and to wear it to perfection we need a lip liner to go with it, here is a list of some best red lip liners below.

Bourjois Lèvres Contour Lip Liner in Rouge Soyeux

This is a perfect warm orange red lip liner.


Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Liner in Red Alert:

It is a strong opaque red which could alter the tonality of your red lipsticks, use it sparingly.


NARS Lip Liner Pencil – Jungle Red

The shade is a gorgeous deep red. It is a matte shade but still it is not drying on my lips. If I apply it on well moisturized and exfoliated lips, which one should always do before wearing any matte shade, this stays on for a long time without drying or settling into fine lines of the lips.


Diana of London Absolute Moisture Lip Liner in Cardinal Red

It is a beautiful red liner from Diana of London. Diana of London Absolute Moisture Lip Liner comes in a pencil packaging


Shiseido The Makeup Lip Liner Pencil – Red Pink

I am comfortable with matte lipsticks in natural rose or earthy pink colors, but I like to keep the colour on my lips as natural as possible. Since lip liners are known to last really long on the lips, I thought of using them to fill my lips fully. The colour is just stunning if I have to describe it in a word. Rouge rose – imagine a rose with a little red blush


MAC Brick Lip Pencil

I love the pencil, its a true red, ( I wonder if it could be orangey brick red because the name says brick) well no so orange-y in tones but still I like this red,the pencil feels very soft and creamy


MAC Lip Pencil Cherry

This is my second mac lip pencil, I was happy with the Brick shade I got and last time the cherry shade was not in stock, apparently it sells well I am sure because this is the best red lip liner I might have come across in this pencil form, though I like the Colorbar true red as well but this one is really super duper good,worth the amount you spend on it.


Faces Cosmetics Lip Pencil – Coral Red

Coral Red is an absolutely stunning shade with a lot of orange undertones. Dusky tones will seriously rock this shade. I love the way it brightens up the face. It dominates my entire look, so I make sure I keep my outfit and makeup subtle when I wear this. No bronzer, no highlighter, just a hint of MAC Peaches Blush and some dark-kohl to fill the eyes, some foundation of course, and I am done!


Essence Lip Liner – Femme Fatale

It’s a vibrant and bright red and very different from Red Bush from this brand. It has blue undertones which makes my teeth appear whiter (added bonus).  It’s a bold lip colour, so definitely not for casual and laid back days. It has a creamy texture.


Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Rosy Red 002

The red is a shade of red with orange undertones. It is a beautiful shade that especially looks beautiful on fair skin. Texture wise the pencil is smooth and easy to apply. It does not feel harsh on the lips. Rosy red is highly pigmented,

rosy red


I am currently loving the MAC and the Lakme one, which ones are you trying out?

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  1. you know you have written on IMBB for long enough when almost every compilation has one post of yours..it feels so awesome… *puchhi* *puchhi* *happydance* *happydance* i like red pencils but they are too bold to wear on their own… *shy*

  2. I dnt own a single red lipliner.. *headbang* I really neeed to try these lip smacking hot red liners… *drool* U remineded me wt ws missing in my reds collection.. *thankyou*

  3. not a big lip liner person but I have a couple mostly brown..does it really help or can I apply the lipstick from the pointy edge and have the same effect? I like the Faces and the Lakme one..

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