10 Best Shimmer Lipsticks to Choose from

10 Best Shimmer Lipsticks to Choose from

Being a matte lover I never thought of this post, but Jomol helped me with this topic,I thought why not list a few shimmer lippies, nude, brown, red, peach, one for all, great for parties and when you want the shimmer on the lips twinkle when the party light hits your lips, take a look at some commonly available pretty shades of lipstick that are shimmery.


Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick – Satin Ruby

The texture of the lipstick is satiny and glides easily on lips. The lipstick has a metallic sheen with golden shimmers. The shimmer is finely milled and blends well with the colour. It is definitely not chunky. The lipstick settles down to a semi matte metallic finish which I love. The semi matte metallic finish texture is pretty and makes it wearable even for a person like me, I really don’t prefer metallic shimmer lipsticks. The lipstick being semi matte is not super drying but you need to moisturize your lips before applying it for a better finish.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – Stylish

The shade is a brown with tons and tons of silver shimmer to it, it is a shimmer lipstick and it has a very high shine, all the silver shimmer in it twinkles when light falls on it making it an over the top lipstick for me, I am into deep shades but never ever do I wear shimmer shade,having said that I think everyone who likes shimmer browns will love it!


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Golden Brown

This shade being a shimmer lipstick, the pigmentation is low. Also, I tend to apply with light hands because I do not want to look like a disco ball.


MAC Milan Mode Lipstick

Color : magenta pink with bright pink and silver shimmers. The shimmers are not in-the-face kinds. They look very sophisticated. Finish : Lustre. Sheer ,glossy and buildable. But it does not become completely opaque.
Texture : goes on smooth. I find shimmers to be slightly gritty but not uncomfortably gritty. A bit moisturizing.


Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick – Fuscia Fancy

The texture of this lipstick is again soft and almost crème. I find Elle 18 lippies with shimmers are softer, smoother and creamier than the lippies without shimmer. I am saying this because I saw Mauve sorbet and this Fuscia fancy is softer and melts more than Pretty peach, Coral romance and Candy kiss. This lipstick is average pigment wise, one swipe covers my pigmented lips and with 2 swipes the colour becomes more noticeable and with multiple swipes it looks a bit OTT but it solely depends upon you what you can carry.


Deborah Milano Rossetto Light Creator Shine and Volume Lipstick – Shade 9

The multicolored shimmer makes it difficult to be worn in the daytime, especially when you have to step out in the sun. The color looks good when swatched. I liked the coral-peachy color but it refuses to show up at all on lips. It gives a slight hint of peach on lips after 3-4 swipes but the shimmer is too much for me to bear. This color will suit only fair tones. It will wash out medium and dusky skin tones. I didn’t like the shimmer, color and pigmentation at all. It stays on my lips for about 2 hours. It definitely has glossy effect and I noticed some plumping too. The good thing about this lipstick is its texture. It glides on very smoothly and softly on lips. It is so soft that it has to be stored in refrigerator because of the heat. It is extremely prone to melting. There’s no need to apply a lip balm beneath because it is extremely moisturizing. This lipstick fades quite unevenly and leaves loads of shimmers on lips after fading.


Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color 06 Toffee

Revlon Toffee is smooth to apply on the lips and gives a glossy finish. I believe the glossy look is due to the presence of the shimmers which are not OTT. I am a creamy finish lover but these shimmers added to the glamour of the shade and hence I gave in.


Lancome Color Design Camisole Shimmer Lipstick


Lakme Nine To Five Lipstick- Sun Shimmer

My mother loves to just swipe this lipstick a few times and rush off. It’s orangey toned, certainly brightens up her complexion.


Loreal Color Riche Lipstick – Intense Fuchsia

The shade is a very intense like it says, bright pink one meant for brown skin tones! The shade unless swatched, the shimmer is not revealed, when you swatch you see oodles of silver shimmer melting in with the creamy lipstick on your lips.This is the moment when you decide whether you like the lipstick or not.


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