10 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes do have their own set of commandments that are supposed to be followed. If you are using the makeup brush(es) the wrong way, or are not taking proper care of them, it could lead to imperfect application and unexpected breakouts. Here, I am listing down 10 best tips that will not only help you achieve a flawless complexion, and sexy eye makeup, but will also make sure your skin remains healthy.

10 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Use The Right Brush

10 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes2

There are various types of makeup brushes available in the market that serve different uses. Just like the foundation brush should be used to apply foundation, you can use it over lips substituting as lipstick brush. Using the right brush for right purpose is the key to get a flawless complexion. Mostly, brushes are shaped in such a way that they serve only a specific purpose and cannot be used for each and every purpose.

Clean Your Brushes The Right Way

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Cleaning the brush is very important, as dirt brushes mostly cause breakouts or infections over skin. This is because dirty and unclean brushes become the breeding ground for bacteria and they tend to multiply more rapidly. However, you should clean brushes every week, depending upon usage. Also, try to wash them with a shampoo or dishwashing powder. If needed, wash twice as that will ensure that no residue is left behind.

Focus on Drying Process Too

As I mentioned, cleaning your brushes is very important which should always be accompanied with the right drying process. How do you dry your makeup brushes once you are done with washing them? Ideally, makeup brushes should be washed and dried flat in natural air. You should never use a blow dryer or hot air to dry your makeup brushes. After cleaning your brushes, take a soft towel and lay the brushes flat so that they dries under natural and cool air.

Never Blow Dry Your Brushes

Using a blow dryer to dry your makeup brushes is the worst thing that you can actually do to your makeup brushes. Using a hot blow dryer can make the glue which is used in makeup brushes that holds the bristles in their place, comes out. This results in damaged brushes. Any brush with shapeless hair cannot give you flawless finish over face, and they become more brittle and become obsolete earlier.

Follow The Right Application Techniques

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The way you use your brushes can also affect them. Generally, makeup brushes are made of natural or artificial hair, which needs a lot of TLC. You don’t need to dab the brushes ruthlessly over foundation or skin. If used with pressure, the hair tends to spread or break leading to damage. You are ideally expected to use a makeup brush in the gentlest way, instead of dabbing it ruthlessly against skin.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Online video tutorials cannot teach you the perfect way to use makeup brushes, unless you keep practicing. Of course, you cannot use a makeup brush like a pro overnight or in just a week, but you would surely reach the level of perfection with steady practice. Practice makes a man perfect, so why not you?

Clean Brushes Between Uses

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So, suppose you need smokey eyes with that perfect layer of shimmer in black or silver. How would you do this if you have just one makeup brush? This is the reason why it is recommended to sometime clean the brushes between uses and especially when you are using more than two different shades of eye shadows. Instead of using a dishwashing powder or a shampoo, use a spray cleaner. Mist the brush and wipe it on the white towel, so that the color buildup comes out easily.

Store with Care

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Even though you clean your brushes often, there is high risk of bacteria settling on the brushes due to wrong storage. Ideally, you should wrap the makeup brushes in a silk cloth or the packet you have (which you usually get while purchasing the brush) and then store the brush. This will prevent the bacteria from forming a layer over the bristles.

Keep Bristles in The Right Direction

You should always store the brushes in the correct way. The correct way says that the bristles should be facing the upward direction. If you have a habit of storing makeup brushes anywhere near washbasin or bathroom, then you are spraying germs every morning on them. 99% of bacteria can settle on makeup brushes each time you use bathroom and basin to wash hands.

10 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes6

Organize Them Well

Do you always get confused while searching for the right brush at the right time? You should store the makeup brushes separately from other brushes, so that you find them easily and on time. This will help to streamline your morning routine, and now you can get those smokey eyes, bold red lips, and rosy cheeks right in the morning, within your time limit.

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  1. A beautiful detailed review Rima. Very useful and thank you for sharing as the timing was perfect for me 😀 Washing them is the lousy part though 😛

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  3. I clean my makeup brushes every week, with dish wash liquid and olive oil. The dish wash liquid clears out every speck of dirt and olive oil conditions the brushes 🙂

  4. Very useful tips Rima. It is so essential to wash and take good care of brushes since at times they touch our skin so deeply.

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