10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

There is a famous quote given by Shakespeare “what’s in your name” and it seems to be taken up seriously by our Bollywood divas. They dare to step forward with a different name in the world of glamour and success. They believe to have a lucky charm with their Screen name, so they never turned back to their real names. We hardly know the real name of these actresses, because it is always hidden and never revealed publicly.

Inspired by their inspiration, many of the actresses have changed their real names to reel names. Though name has nothing to do with the likes associated with Bollywood celebs, but at the end, name is the identity of a person and our Bollywood celebs are daring enough to change their identity.

1. Kat Turquotte As Katrina Kaif

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Katrina is among the highest paid and top leading actress today. Changing her name was the decision taken by her before stepping into Bollywood; she was known by Katrina right from her first debut movie. Original name of Katrina Kaif is Kate Turquotte.

2. Karanjit Singh Vohra As Sunny Leone

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Karanjit singh Vohra was the real Indian name of Sunny. She had a best friend in college life who addressed her Leone for fun so she decided to change to name to Sunny Leone when she entered the pornography screens followed by Hindi cinema.

3. Ashwini Shetty As Shilpa Shetty

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

The most gorgeous diva not only believes in acting but also holds a strong faith in astrology. Respecting the astrological advises given to her, Shilpa changed her name when she stepped into her modelling career and never turned back to Ashwini again.

4. Preetam Singh Zinta As Preity Zinta

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Preity Zinta never wanted her real name to be revealed in front of screens i.e. Preetam Singh Zinta, which sounds too muscular in real. She believed to be beautiful and carry a charm in her herself, so changed the name to Preity.

5. Ritu Chaudhary As Mahima Chaudhary

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Hardly any one of us will have a clue when someone asks us about Ritu Chadhary. Mahima, was a title was given to her by the known director Shubhash Ghai, which later became popular on screens.

6. Reema Lamba As Mallika Sherawat

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Mallika was known as Reema till her first realised debut film, but later she changed her name to Mallika sherawat due to confusion with another actress with a similar name and Sherawat is her mother’s maiden family name. She entered like a queen with her hot personality which made her to change her name to Mallika Sherawat.

7. Bhanurekha Ganeshan As Rekha

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

The mother of beauty with a divine personality has also changed her name for Fame. Rekha has ruled Bollywood few years back and still is famous and remembered among the most gorgeous and talented ladies in the industry. Due to a complicated name, she thought that her fans would find it hard to pronounce her name. So, she changed her screen name to Rekha.

8. Nafisa Khan As Jiah Khan

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Jiah Khan changed her name after being inspired by Angelina Jolie’s “Gia”. She thought Jiah was much sexier than her original name Nafisa. Though in the initial debut films, she was known as Nafisa khan only.

9. Umma Khatari Devi As Tun Tun

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Tun Tun is an unforgettable celebrity, known for her applause giving performances in her comic roles. She has always done many successful comic films and is amongs the most cheerful personalities. It was Dilip Kumar who changed her name to Tun Tun to suit her comic role and personality.

10. Mumtaazn Jehan Begaum As Madhubala

10 Bollywood Divas Who Changed Their Names For Fame

Madhubala has received wide recognitions and award for her variety of performances in many Indian Hindi Classic movies. Many of us are unaware of her original name which is Mumtaaz Jehan Begaum. She is popularly known as Madhubala of Bollywood, which later became a screen name to be remembered.

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