10 Bollywood Movie Posters Copied From Hollywood Ones

Bollywood has shamelessly “borrowed” from Hollywood for decades now.  Hollywood “inspired” music has blatantly ruled the Bollywood music scene.  Our composers and music directors are so busy getting “inspired” that the term original has gone missing from their dictionaries. hah!! we caught you.  Our film directors and story writers have always been “influenced” by Hollywood movies, or so they claim!!!! Some inspired pieces would put a photcopier to shame. Not all of them have the decency to give credit to the original movie is another matter altogether.  And now we seem to be bankrupt when it comes to originality of film posters 😛

1.  This copy makes me wonder, what is wrong with people? I don’t know about Titanic, but the movie “Mausam” definitely did drown.


Bollywood movie poster

2.  Ra.one and Batman? This is NO conincidece, what do you think? :p

Bollywood movie posters

3.  Villain looks quite inspired by the Step up poster! well…good try! but the movie was beyond horrible.

Bollywood Movie poster

4.  I guess this is one of the only posters which no one would mind, yes!  Hotness loaded! Such good looks can make up for anything at times 😉  Zindagi na milegi dobaara poster looks exactly like the poster of “Lords of Dog Town.”

Bollywood Movie poster

5.  Murder 3 and Jennifer’s body! this is the SLOPPIEST version of the original we came across! I mean, WHY?

Bollywood Movie poster


11 thoughts on “10 Bollywood Movie Posters Copied From Hollywood Ones

  1. rofl rofl rofl jomo… U r too good at making these compilations… And wat was srk thinking in Ra. One… Might hav added a pair of horns on his head as well….

  2. why do we always copy from hollywood……dresses, stories and even the posters……where are all the talented people in the industry gone ???? *nababana*

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