10 Brilliant Tips that’ll Easily Boost Your Confidence

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Confidence is an important quality in a person; whether it’s at home or at work. If you have self-confidence, your goal is half complete. As a student as well, confidence is the most important thing. While some of us have great confidence in ourselves, some may lack the quality. It is necessary in every aspect of life. If you are an artist, you need confidence. If you’re in business, you need to believe that you can sell your product. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need confidence to drive yourself. For the people who lack this quality, I’m here to help you. Take a look at these few pointers.

10 Brilliant Tips that'll Easily Boost Your Confidence

1. Groom yourself

Whenever I have an important day or event coming up in my college, I choose to dress accordingly. I bathe, dress well, put on a little makeup and voila! I feel like a different person. Even on dates, if I’m not up to the mark or I’m feeling low, this is my go-to solution. It makes me feel insanely confident.

2. Don’t be afraid of the lows, learn from them

I’ll share my personal experience with you. I am a part of a club in my college and a few months before board transfer (that’s when we get our posts in the club), I started slacking, I don’t know for what reason, but I didn’t feel like working anymore and that at an important time. During my interview, they questioned me and they were really disappointed. I got a board position anyhow, and now I work like a maniac. I failed, I got up and I dusted myself. Now all my colleagues trust me again.

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3. Know yourself

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When you are trying to kill a bad habit of yours, try to learn about it. Like when do you act out in that particular way, what makes you do it and then start attacking those qualities one at a time. For this, you really need to get to know yourself. Just make a commitment to yourself. Stick to it. Take baby steps.

4. Think positive

Positive thinking is the key to confidence. After a bad day, sleep at night thinking that tomorrow is a new day. Wake up with a smile on your face. It’ll make you happier. It’ll give a little confidence with where you stand in life.

5. Act positive

Acting positive is just as important as thinking positive. If you don’t put your thoughts into actions, then you’re thinking positive is of no good. Talk to people in a certain way, have confidence and energy in yourself. Try something new which you’ve been putting off for a while. That’ll give you confidence too.

6. Exercise

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Create a body image in which you’re confident. Your body is yours. Choose how you want to keep it. If you want to be fit and healthy, work towards it and maintain it. It doesn’t require much energy and it’ll make you feel zillion times better. I am so much happier when I work out and lately I have been so cranky because I can’t (leg injury)!

7. Speak slowly

Speaking slowly gives you a position of authority. People who are confident of what they’re saying, only they can speak slowly. This means that you think you’re worth listening to. It gives people the confidence to believe in you.

8. Smile

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I had read somewhere that if you smile, your brain thinks you’re happy. Smiling for five minutes makes it believe in your happiness. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it works every time. I feel happier and I do so much better that day.

9. Live in a clean space

Clean your desk or your room to create a happy environment. It’ll fill you up with confidence. Another thing you should try is, when you leave your room for work, clean it up, make your bed and don’t leave anything on it. At night, or in the evening, when you return, it’ll instantly lighten you up. I’ve been doing it now for the past two weeks and when I leave or enter my room, it makes me confident, like my life is in order.

10. Don’t be afraid

The biggest fear of people who lack confidence is fear itself. Don’t be afraid. Take the step. If you want to eat out alone in a restaurant, do it. Face your fear. Do something spontaneous once a while. Take up a new hobby or activity. It’ll give you more confidence when you learn something new finally.

Everyone has a gem inside, all you need is to dig deep and discover it. Be confident!

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  1. I genuinely loved your article Grisha. Your personal examples definitely add a charm to your articles. I really believe in learning from my failure and moving ahead. Great tips, really! 🙂

  2. These are some of the great tips to boost the confidence … The only thing which I need to improve is act positively … I mostly see negative side of any factor 🙁 🙁

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