10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India

Festive season in India has already begun. With the Navaratri preparations going on in full swing in different parts of India, followed by the welcoming of Durga Ma next week, we all have totally immersed ourselves in the sea of joy. Not to forget the upcoming Diwali festival in the coming month. So, many festive occasions means endless makeup looks to try. This year I am taking inspiration from Bollywood beauties to do my eye makeup look. I don’t want to go wrong with my eye makeup and the way these divas rock their flawless eye makeup looks with the entire outfit lures me to try them out. In this post, I have compiled 10 best celebrity eye makeup looks of our favourite celebrity divas that are best suited for festive season. If you want to try them too, then just scroll down to read.

Beautiful Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks That You Can Try

1. The Subtle and Subdued Eye Makeup Look of Alia Bhatt:

This diva has already impressed the audience with her impeccable acting skills. And now, she is giving us makeup goals with her subdued eye makeup looks. If you don’t want to go overboard with your makeup looks, then this look is perfect for you. Alia looks gorgeous in a minimalist eye makeup look with just thin line of eyeliner over the eyelids and coating the lashes with loads of mascara. This look is very simple and very pretty and is perfect for teens and college-going girls. You can wear a light coloured lip gloss and little blush to add some colour to your cheeks.

2. The Smokey Eye Look of Kareena Kapoor Khan:

10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India Kareena

The Smokey eye craze never goes out of vogue and if you are confused about your eye makeup look, then make this one as your go-to makeup look. It goes with all outfits and you can never go wrong with it. Our diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan knows how to slay in a hot and sultry smokey eye makeup look. Her face rarely needs any makeup. She managed to give a fresh touch to the smokey eye look makeup by using brown as the base colour for smokey eye instead of black. This look uses smudged light brown kohl on the lower lash line and a subtle brown eyeshadow mixed with black shadow on the crease area to soften it. It is perfect for Diwali party.

3. The Classic Winged Liner Look of Jacqueline Fernandez:

Jacqueline is truly a beauty queen and looks amazing in all Indian outfits!! Her makeup artist gives her the perfect winged eye look. Are you a fan of winged eyes?? Then this look is perfect for you. In this look, she has adorned a perfect wings and added a little bit of spice to the look by using pure golden eyeshadow with subtle shimmers in it. Gold is perfect for festive seasons. A look like this will make you stand out in the crowd.

4. The Nude Look of Kriti Sanon:

10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India Kriti Sanon

Do you like to keep things neutral and follow the middle ground, then this style inspiration from Kriti Sanon will be your savior for the festive season. One of the commonest ways to make your eye makeup do the magic is to go for nude eyes. By that, it means using nude or brown eyeshadow for the makeup. You can make this look more edgy by using a black liner. This will enhance the shape of your eyes and will balance the nude eyeshadow. If you have to attend the occasion after office, then a look like this perfectly fits the occasion and is very easy to do as well.

5. The Metallic Look of Sonakshi Sinha:

Are you experimental with makeup and like to make it intense and daring?? Perfect!! Watch out for metallic trends to create your eye makeup look then. Sonakshi Sinha looks like a queen wearing metallic hues of silver and bronze on her eyes. You can also try metallic gold if you love gold more. With such looks, keep the lips simple with a light lip color.

6. The Bottom Eyeliner Look of Priyanka Chopra:

10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India Priyanka

Wearing eyeliner on the upper lash line is so trivial. But, do you know that wearing your favorite liner on the bottom lash line can also create magic?? Our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra follows the unconventional and yet manages to look bomb in every eye makeup look. In this look, more attention is given to the lower eye lids. You have to select a colour that is a true contrast to the dress you wear. This will make this look prominent and will help to steal the show this festive season.

7. The Classic kajal Look of Malaika Arora Khan:

Malaika is another stunner in the fashion industry and her simple makeup looks can give the dreamiest festive looks of all time. If you don’t love eye shadows and don’t want to fiddle much with colours, keep it very simple and simple wear a black kajal on your eyes. Draw the eyes prominently on both the upper and lower lid. Try to draw neat and thick strokes. This will make your eyes look bigger. You may or may not wear eye shadow with this as per your style preference. But, you can surely wear false lashes with this look to make it more dramatic. Also, add some mauvish tones of lip colour to enhance your pout with this look.

8. The Colourful Chaos Look of Sonam Kapoor:

10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India Sonam

The name itself speaks volumes about her incredible fashion sense. Her makeup artist, Namrata Soni ensures that she looks like a dream in every look she wears and cheers to her creative mind for that. If you like to keep things colourful, confident and you enjoy playing with colours, then this look by Sonam is perfect to ace your festive parties. She is unpredictable and can rock blue kajal, copper glittery eye shadows and bold red lips all at the same time. If you are a pro in rocking such makeup looks, then do give this a try.

9. The Regular Black Smokey Eye Look of Anushka Sharma:

This is an another variant of smokey eye look that we discussed before. But it is classic, regular black smokey look and it is the commonest of all the looks. But hey, no matter how regular and common it is, our diva Anushka adds perfect definition to this look. It’s like an on-point makeup look that has no flaws. This is perfect for festive seasons and you can rock it more with sarees. You need an all-black eye shadow and kohl liner for this look. You can also wear false lashes with this look and keep the lip makeup pretty with peachy or pink colours.

10. The shimmery Look of Athiya Shetty:

10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Festive Season in India Athiya Shetty

Is any festive season makeup complete without glitters or shimmers??? Nope, not at all. If you love it the blingy way for your festive occasions, then follow Athiya blindly. She looks scintillating in her shimmery eye look. It is not over the top and yet it manages to steal the limelight. I personally love glitters and this is one of my favourite looks. She has used champagne coloured shimmers on her lid area and softened it with brown eye shadow in the crease. This jazzes up the look and I love it totally. She has paired this look with perfect pink pout and that makes her prettier.

Hope you enjoyed reading the list and have now got an idea to do your eye makeup for the festive season. Try these looks and have fun recreating them.

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