10 Cheats And Tricks To Pull Off Denim On Denim

By Shreya Smita

Recently, there has been some real hype over the trend of ‘Denim on Denim’ or ‘Double Denim’. Everyone, from celebrities to bloggers, has been spotted sporting this trend. Also known as the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’, this trend certainly had a pretty bad rep a while ago. But it seems to be having a moment right now and it is here to stay.

Styling Denim on Denim is not a piece of cake because you can easily go wrong here. But with the right cheats and tricks, you would be able to pull-off this trend to create an effortless and chick look. Here’s how-

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1. Balance Washes and Colors

Always keep the washes and colors of the two pieces of clothing different. Pair a light blue chambray shirt with a dark colored jeans or the other way round. The key point to remember here is that darker shades create a slimming effect while lighter shades draw attention to the body portion they cover. So dress accordingly.

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2. Fit

A baggy shirt can go seriously wrong with a wide leg jeans. Play with the fit of the pieces of your clothing. Pair a skinny or cigarette jeans with an oversized shirt and vice versa.

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3. Create a Gap

If you are wearing somewhat the same colours, then create a gap between the pieces with a belt of contrasting colour.

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4. Layering

The best way to wear double denim when the temperature drops, is to go for layering. Layering simply means adding up pieces of clothes. Layer your denim shirt or denim jacket over a basic tank top or even a crop top and you’re sure to get hooked up with the idea of layering.

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5. Accessorize

Accessories always play the role of enhancing the beauty of a look. Use a scarf or a hat. Remember to keep the colour of accessories monotonous with each other but in contrast with the outfit.

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6. Jewellery

If you do not want to wear clothing accessories or the weather isn’t allowing you to, then there’s always some jewellery! They add an instant glamour to your outfit.

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When you only have both the shirt and the jeans of similar color and wash, infuse some jewellery to brighten up the entire look.

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7. Denim Skirt

Take inspiration from the Kardashian sisters and wear a denim skirt instead of the conventional jeans or overalls.

denimskirt (Custom)

8. Triple Denim

If you are in the mood to experiment, go a step further and add a third piece of denim clothing to your outfit. Remember to keep the washes and colors different of course.

triple denim (Custom)

9. Add A Pop Of Color

If you are in no mood to play with accessories and want to keep the look confined to just the clothes, take the help of your shoes and even your bag to add a pop of color to your outfit. Simple yet elegant!

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10. Avoid The Faux Pas

Never ever end up dressed in denim from head to toe. The image of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards, dressed in light wash denims from head to toe, kept us horrified for a long time. You surely wouldn’t want to go that wrong. Right?

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  1. Loved the post Shreya, welcome to IMBB 🙂 I am all for denim shirt over denim pants with some jewellery in between 🙂

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