10 Chinese Diet Tips for Weight Loss

We all love eating Chinese food and even their daily meals are amazingly tasty. Though they eat lots of rice and noodles, obesity is not a big problem in their country. There are a few dietary tips that they follow to maintain the petite, slim figure. If your love for food prevents you from following a strict diet, you can go through these Chinese tips. You can enjoy your food without gaining weight. This sounds like a great deal tight? Go through the post to know more about it.

1. Eat Together, Eat Less

You eat a lot when you are alone- this is sad but true. We often stay away from our family for study or work and even while staying alone, we eat when we want to. Eating together indeed has a lot of benefit. You take time to eat; you chew your food well which helps in better digestion and you do not overeat while staring at the T.V. While you eat together you also share your meal, especially the rice or noodle which is the main source of carbohydrate and this helps you to keep the carb intake in check. Try to eat your dinners together. Even when you are staying away from home, eat together with your room mates. This will definitely keep your weight at check.

2. Use Small Bowls


Chinese people eat everything out of the bowl, even their main rice/noodle dish. This helps them to keep the portion sizes in check and eat less. Instead of loading your plate with loads of rice and little vegetable and protein, take three- four small bowls and take as much as you need. Do not go for second helpings and you won’t over-eat again.

3. Eat a Balanced Meal

Chinese meals are often well balanced. Their rice or noodles are loaded with meat and vegetable that helps to maintain the carbohydrate-protein-fat combination. The fresh vegetables supply all the required minerals and vitamins. Even their side dishes show great balance of vegetables and protein sources. You do not have to eat Chinese foods every day. But keep the balance in mind while cooking the food. Add some boiled vegetables in your diet, cook the meat or paneer with vegetables and in this way you can eat a well-balanced, healthy diet.

4. Eat Fresh Vegetables


Vegetables are very important in any Chinese food. They add them to the main courses and well to the side. They do not overcook the veggies either. In this process, the color of the vegetables stay intact and the nutrition too. The food looks attractive and it is full of all the nutrition that you need. This is a must tip to follow if you are interested in healthy and clean eating.

5. Steam the Food

Chinese food is not all about stir-frying the food. They often steam their vegetables and protein sources. Without any oil or rich spices, these foods actually preserve the nutrients. Instead of making everything into a curry, you can keep a steamed vegetable dish. With mild seasoning, this will not only refresh the palate but also give your body the right nutrients.

6. A Soup is a Must


Don’t we all love ordering soups at our favorite Chinese restaurants? You can make soup a part of your everyday diet too. Soups when made with fresh vegetables, herbs, broth and mild spices, are great to fill the stomach in a healthy way. It not only supplies the necessary nutrients, but also fills your tummy and stops you form over-eating.

7. 3 Meals a Day

Chinese people take their meal times seriously and they eat no more than three times a day. Their breakfast is very important and they never skip it. They have moderate amount of well balanced food in both lunch and dinner. They try to eat healthy, filling food each time to cut down the in-between meals. Following this 3 meals a day rule can keep you away from snacking and binge-eating. If you are planning to lose weight, this is a very important tip for you.

8. Say No to Snacking


Chinese people are not big fans of snacking. They do not eat in-between meals and chips, burgers are not really their thing. They maintain a strict uniform routine of eating food. You can follow this tip and get benefited. Make sure that your tummy is full when you are eating the major meals. Do not eat anything in-between. If you can cut out snacks form your diet, you will definitely lose the extra kilos.

9. Recycle Your Food

If you want full nutrition out of your meals, you must not throw away the leftovers. When you have left over food, you can mix them up to create unique dishes for the next day. The Chinese people often do this as they hate wasting food. This actually saves your time, allows you to experiment and come up with unique dishes and definitely gives you the complete nutrition. So, the next time you have some left over rice and vegetable curry in your fridge, through them in together along with some chicken or paneer to cook your one pot meal.

10. Detox Tea


Chinese people do not drink their tea just for relaxation. Their teas have multiple detox ingredients that helps you to maintain a healthy body. The most easily available and effective variant is green tea. You can easily incorporate this in your daily routine. Drink green tea (off course without sugar and milk) everyday and you will feel fit and fresh everyday.

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