10 Must-Have Beauty Essentials for Every College Girl

10 College Girl Must Haves

Hi everyone,

As far as delhi is concerned the college admission mission is in full force specially in my beloved delhi university ☺. So this article is dedicated to the newbies who are excited for the beginning of their college life here I list the absolute must haves for your college days. Mind you all the things I mention here are the ones which are really really really important. Hope it helps

1. A spacious Bag

college girl bagI remember before my college started I bought a really cute small tiny sling bag and that was a mistake which I realized as soon as college started.
No matter how many or how few classes you have you do need a spacious bag well not too big but not the size of your clutch either. You are gonna need space to store your notebooks assignments and other stuff so do opt for a spacious bag and with few pockets so you can organize your stuff easily.

2. Sunscreen

sunscreenYes we have heard a lot about this product and the importance of it is not unknown. During your college days you are going to face the maximum sun damage due to the travelling and everything so it is really important to stay protected. Apply sunscreen before leaving for college and also reapply it every 2 to 3 hours trust me your skin will thank you for this later.

3. Eyepencils/ Eyeliners

eye pencil nail paintThese are the most essential part of your makeup kit. From the classic black to colored ones you can play with them and they are so easy to apply just a little practice is needed. So grab a black one and also some colored ones if you like and have fun ;).

4. Nail Paints

This is something which could have been your first makeup item ever, so why leave it behind! Everyone loves nice nails so keep your nails in proper shape and color them with your favorite shade. From pinks to corals to blues the nail paint trend changes rapidly and so does our choices ☺.

5. Colored Lipbalms

colored lip balmNow lipgloss is something we are bored with and lipsticks umm… no not right now. So colored lip balms are the right thing for college. There are so many options from pinks to peaches and even reds for a little playfulness. These are a must have and I don’t think am going to stop using them even after college.

6. BB cream

You can never go wrong with a bb cream if you have the right one according to your skin type and shade. I don’t use a bb cream daily but its really helpful for the days I need brightness for my tired and dull skin I use the Maybelline one and it helps to cover up dark circles and blemishes to some extent.
Read reviews here for bb cream
sunglasses scarf

7. Sunglasses and scarves

Not only they protect us from sun they are a very stylish accessory. Specially a scarf, it can add a whole new meaning to your outfit and I am obsessed with scarves there was a time when the number of scarves I had exceeded the number of tops in my wardrobe :D. And choose a pair of sunglasses wisely try lots of them and buy the one that suits you the most.

8. Chunky Jewelry

chunky jewelryNow college is the only time you can wear chunk jewelry so make the most of it girls. Long pendants, bangles, rings and necklaces they are so much fun and can even turn a plain outfit to a party outfit. But you have to be careful with them too much can be tacky so pair them wisely. Like if you are wearing a plain top then go for a long chain with a pendent and some bangles but do not wear long earrings instead wear simple studs.

9. Scrub and Facepack

Sure the college days are going to be fun but this is the time you have to start taking care of the skin because of the exposure to dust, pollution and sun.
Make sure you use a scrub and a facepack once a week to restore the freshness of your skin. For scrub there are so many options available choose a mild one according to your skin type and for face pack go for homemade face packs as they are gentle and appropriate for young skin.
Here are some recipes for face masks available on imbb
ctm routine cleanser toner moisturizer

10. CTM Routine:

Last but not the least actually it should have been the first A CTM routine
Find a cleanser that suits you best and stick to it I know with so many options available we are tempted to try new products but as long as a product is doing justice to your skin you should keep using it and when you feel its not working as well as it used to then try something new but keep your skin type in mind. This also goes for the moisturizer, also always use a water based moisturizer which is non- condamegenic. Now for the tonner I personally use rose water only and it helps a lot to minimize pores and controlling oil but if you like to use something from cosmetic brands then use the herbal ones and without alcohol. And follow your ctm routine twice a day it is really important.

So that is it these are the things that I feel should be with a college going girl this and a positive attitude and you are good to go. Have fun but also keep track of your studies bunk once in a while but not always 😛 and make loads of good memories. All the best for a new beginning.

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  1. I agree with everything written here.. esp #2 ie sunscreen.. Most people I know,apply it once before leaving their home for the day and think they’ll be protected throughout.. but that’s just so wrong!

  2. Bang on *woot* *woot* lovely article … me too a college goer and do all these things and have each n every thing you mentioned *happy dance* *happy dance* i soo feel like picking the sling bags every time i go shopping… but these notebooks yaaaa *headbang* *headbang* have to buy the big ones every time *cry*

  3. Omg…. I wasn’t even sure that it’ll get posted. .. m so happy!!!!
    thank you all
    glad u liked it…. *happydance*

  4. This is such an apt post for me…have just taken admission to du n getting a good guidance before starting a new phase is just so helpful..thanks Di 🙂

  5. Excellent compilation though when I was in college a decade back, all I had out of these was a huge spacious bag, more like a backpack to fit my journals, assignments n engineering tools!! 😉

  6. wt an awesome article n i must say it has covered all essentials..!! kudos to d writer.. *happy dance*
    *clap* n d best part was the review links provided for diff. products..

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