10 Diet Tips French Women Follow to Stay Slim

French beauties are well known for their slim and beautiful figure. Well-toned body looks like something that they inherit genetically and they always stay effortlessly slim. They have developed some habits and most of them follow them strictly. The tips are easy to follow and you can easily imbibe them too. Make these a part of your daily food routine and you won’t worry about fat gain ever again.

Diet Tips French Women Follow to Stay Slim

1. Fresh, Organic Food: French people prefer fresh, organic food over preserved, packaged ones. They always buy fresh vegetables and fruits from local markets. Even the bakes and cakes that they pick are fresh because they are made in small bakeries that sell locally. So, they do not need to eat foods that are preserved with artificial preservatives for long.

French woman eating fresh food

2. Drink Loads of Water: Drinking lots of water not only helps French women to remain slim, this habit also keeps skin perfect. They religiously follow the “3-4 liters of water a day” routine. This keeps fat away from their waist and makes their skin and hair look the best.

3. Eat for Happiness: French women do not eat just to satisfy their hunger. They enjoy the taste while eating the food. Instead of hogging a lot of food within minutes, they take their own time to eat. Often, they eat together with family and friends. When they do that, they take more time to chew and eat slowly. This helps them to digest food properly and also helps in absorption of all good nutrients from food.

4. Maintain gap between courses: French people do not eat all their food at the same time. They prefer soups, starters along with the main dishes for lunch and dinner. Between each course, they love maintaining a gap of at least 20 minutes. The stomach gets the signal of receiving food and start secreting enzymes that assists in digestion of the main courses. This helps in getting enough nutrients from what you eat and you do not over-eat.

5. Eat just until you are full: This tip can change the way you eat forever. You do not have to eat a bowl full of rice just because you are served that or you eat that much every day. Your hunger levels may vary everyday due to the different foods you are eating or daily activities. You will know when you feel full. Do not eat after this. This will easily stop you from over eating and keeps you away from being overweight.

6. Eat small portions: From cakes to pies, French women eat everything, but for them, moderation is the key. They prefer eating small portions as for them the quality matters over quantity. They also use smaller plates instead of big dinner plates. When you use small plates, you take smaller mount of everything and thus stay away from eating more than you need.

7. Balanced Meal Choice: French meals are well balanced and contain equal portions of meat and vegetables. Salad is a very important part of their diet. They also eat loads of fresh fruits instead of desserts. This keeps their meals balanced and they do not need in-between meals. When you eat meals like these, your body uses up all nutrients and you do not have to eat anything extra to fulfil body’s requirements.

8. Do not Snack: French women do not indulge in in-between meals or snacks. They walk a lot but are never seen with some fast food or snacks in hand. They eat fresh, nutritious meals thrice everyday and this keeps them full throughout the day. If you want to maintain a slim figure, this is a very important thing to follow.

How French women stay slim

9. Do not Diet: This is a surprisingly true fact. French women never try to follow any strict dieting rules. They love their food. They follow the rules of “no snacking” and small portions. These are parts of their daily routines and very normal for them. So, they never try to restrict themselves from eating anything. When you are following a strict diet, you stress out both your mind and body. You also tend to break the rules often and indulge in unhealthy things. Instead, French women follow simple tips and maintain their figure without starving themselves.

10. Dessert for special days: French women do not stay away from desserts entirely. They do indulge in pastries and chocolates, but that is not a daily affair for them. They save little treats for one day in a week and then indulge in their desserts. They also enjoy them while going out with their partners on special occasions. This makes the food more meaningful for them and helps them to stay away from the sweetness on a daily basis.

These tips are easy to follow and you won’t have to overhaul your diet a lot. Following these tips will help you to adopt with a better lifestyle and maintain a slim figure in the most effortless manner.

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