10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin

Hello beautifuls,

I hope your Diwali preparations are going well. My semesters will begin within two weeks and I am not really in a party-mode anymore. But I was feeling so stressed and thought of writing something to refresh my mind.

I think we all have suffered from pimples at some point in our life and some of us still do. For some, it is an occasional affair while others suffer from severe breakouts especially between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Girls with such skin often do loads of things to get rid of those horrible pimples, acne and marks on their skin. Also a few are unaware of certain things that may cause a more severe breakout. This article aims to tell them what may go wrong with the things they do and make their conditions worse.

10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin1

Do Not Experiment with Products

If you have severe pimples and acnes, this means your skin is sensitive. It needs special care and attention. Experimenting with random products available in the market is not really what your skin deserves. Also do not fall for everything that sells with a label of organic, natural, and herbal. These are lucrative terms that attract us a lot. There are only a few trust-worthy brands that sell such products. Check all the information you need to know before buying anything like that. Try to invest on some good quality products and stick to them.

Do Not Buy Medicines from the Pharmacy Without Consulting A Doctor

Just a few days ago, one of my friends made this big mistake. The pharmacist gave her a medicine telling that it will make the pimples vanish within a few days. Yes, the medicine fulfilled its claims and along with that burnt the entire area badly. It took her an entire week to get rid of that.

So friends, please do not do that. Get an appointment with a dermatologist and use medicines suggested by him/her. You can also consult him/her regarding using the same medicines if you develop pimples later. If you do not get time, do not use any medicines. It is better to leave the pimples like they are instead of worsening the condition.

Do Not Try Every Home-Remedy You Hear About

10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin2

You will get loads of expert advices from your friends, neighborhood aunties and online articles on using home-remedies to get rid of those ugly devils. While a few occasional pimples can be easily controlled with the natural way, if you have heavy breakouts it is better not to do that. You never know which product will be suitable and in how much amount. I used to apply clove and harituki paste on my pimples and acnes as a teenager. While the pimples did dry up, an ugly black scar was left behind. Later on my doctor told me that too much of it burnt the area.

Do Not Go Out Without a Sunscreen

I think IMBBians are very much aware of the importance of sunscreens. If you have a pimple-prone skin, do not even think of going out without putting it on. You can skip everything else, but not this. Sun-rays damage your sensitive skin badly, increase the oil and sebum secretion, and make the condition tougher to deal with.

Do Not Be Too Stressed

The major concern of girls with pimples is the pimples. I remember spending hours worrying about how bad I am looking, how the pimples keep popping up, how badly they leave scars on my face and so on. Trust me, worrying about it won’t make it go away. It can only gift you a few more pimples and bad scars. It is a problem most of the people deal with it and there is nothing particularly wrong in it. It takes a few months for some, a few years for others, but finally we all get rid of the problem. So be happy and relax. And yes, do what is necessary.

Do Not Drink and Smoke

Rebellious teenage girl smoking

You know how badly pollution of the environment affects your skin? We cannot eradicate the pollution from the environment completely. But please do not pollute your body. These habits increase the toxic contents and impurity in your blood. So while every conscious woman should abandon these bad habits, our sensitive beauties should do that NOW. Please do not get carried away by peer pressure. “Ok, let’s smoke a cigarette today. I have not smoked for ages” is not a good excuse at all. Make it a NO today and keep it a NO forever.

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Girls with pimples and scars are always worried about looking bad. So to hide their flaws, they keep on layering make-ups. It is advisable not to do so. Heavy-coverage foundations, concealers do not allow your skin to breathe and give rise to more breakouts. Stick to minimal make-up if you are suffering from severe acne and pimples.

Avoid Skin Care Products Containing Alcohol

Many girls with pimple-prone skin love the drying feeling such products give. But these products are not particularly good for sensitive skin.  Using astringents, toners, cleansers containing alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Improper Skin Care Routine

10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin54

As I have mentioned earlier, pimple-prone skin needs special treatment and if anything goes wrong, it shows severe reaction. Many girls think that heavy scrubbing can help them to remove the excess oil and sebum, gifting a pimple-free skin. The situation turns worse by doing so. Another common mistake is avoiding the moisturizer as many think that it will increase the oil content of the skin and cause more pimples. But moisturizers are essential for the skin nourishment and cannot be skipped.

Avoid Regular Parlour Treatments

10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin5

If you are suffering from pimples and acnes, then it is advisable not to go for the regular parlor treatments. Waxing or threading the face, massage or facials are not really advisable in such a condition. A regular proper skin care routine along with treatment for the pimples can give you a healthy, glowing skin. For the little more we all crave for, have patience and wait until the pimples vanish.

Lastly, do not ever forget that you are beautiful with all those acnes, pimples and scars. Never forget to love yourself and never forget to smile.

Be happy, be beautiful!

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3 thoughts on “10 Do Nots for Girls with Acne and Pimple-Prone Skin

  1. I agree with the scrubbing part but only if you have suffering from sever acne. I have oily skin prone to acne, but i need to scrub my skin once a week to remove the dead skin all over the face and specially over the acne area which gets dried up because of the Benzyl peroxide cream. . The scrubbing shouldn’t be too hard though.
    Not scrubbing can lead to dead skin accumulation over the acne, not letting your acne cream work on it, and creating more whiteheads/blackheads which means more acne..

  2. Hi Isha its me Anisha…..Thanks isha for ur advice…..the things u have said they all are true we all have done this wrong things n still we are doing so. I want to say that I never had pimples or acne before but from last 9months I m suffering from this worst problem. I have used many type of product by hearing friends advice and now my skin is full of acne and full of scars and it became so dull that I can’t go outside so can you please help me out because I really want to get rid of this problem

    1. Hi. Even I had a same problem. I visited dermatologist. It’s been 3months nw am taking medicine. My acne is fully vanished. Take a isotetroine tabs like tetriva sotret it really works. But with doc consultation. Do not take this tab without docs advice it’s very dangerous.

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