10 Dos and Don’ts for Sensitive Eyes

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Sensitive eyes are well, sensitive! They can be difficult to work with and requires extra care. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you in dealing with sensitive eyes.

sensitive eyes

1. Opt for doctor-approved formulas

Go for eye makeup that is ophthalmologist-approved. There are many makeup brands today that provide eye makeup products that are especially suited for sensitive eyes. Try different brands and then stick to the one which suits your eyes as well as your pocket.

2. Say no to mascaras with fibres

applying mascara

Fibres can fall into your eyes and cause irritation. Stick to lengthening mascaras without fibres or try a volumizing product instead to boost lash thickness and make them standout.

3. Clean your brushes regularly

It isn’t necessary to wash brushes every day but if you use makeup regularly then make sure to wash them every week. Take good care of your makeup brushes and store them in a proper place. Don’t just throw them in your bag, use a separate pouch to hold your brushes.

4. No sharing

Make it a rule and do not share any of your makeup products with anyone! Makeup sharing is one of the biggest causes of skin breakouts and infections in the eyes.

5. Replace products frequently

If you know you have sensitive eyes then it is always a good idea to throw away eye makeup that has reached past its expiry date. You will cut down the chances of eye infection manifolds if you discard the makeup products after a certain period.

6. Swap powder shadows for cream ones

Cream shadows won’t flake as much as powder shadows do. So stick to creamier formulas that last long and are suitable for sensitive eyes.

7. Avoid lining inner eye

If you have sensitive eyes then stick to using pencils and liners outside the lash line. Using that white pencil to line your eyes might look appealing but don’t do it by harming your precious eyes.

8. Use eye drops strategically

If you use eye drops daily then it is always advisable to use eye drops at least 30 minutes prior to any makeup application as eyes can get more sensitive if you are not giving them enough time between eye drops and eye makeup.

9. Remove your makeup

removing makeup

If you have got sensitive eyes and skin then you don’t have the liberty of sleeping with makeup on even if you are damn tired! Remove every trace of makeup from your skin and eyes before going to sleep.

10. Watch for reactions to specific eye makeup

Many people are sensitive to dyes and perfumes, particularly red dyes which could be present in your purple or brown eye shadows which could be the cause of your leaky, red eyes. If you seem to react when wearing certain products, eliminate them immediately from your collection.

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