10 Easy Beauty Care Tips for Today’s Women

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10 Easy Beauty Care Tips for Today’s Women

1. Always check for the expiry date of the cosmetic you buy. Discard the product as soon as it expires, your skin is worth much more than the few hundreds or thousands that you spent on the product.
2. Check for the ingredients of the products and stick to natural ones as much as possible. Example: Pick Fab India or Khadi rose water which is natural.
3. Use dab Olive oil and Rose water on a cotton swab to remove eyemake up if you don’t have any makeup remover handy.
4. Fill your eyebrows with dark brown eye shadow to make it look natural (I do this every day now). I was using a black Kajal pencil all the while before I got to know of this and believe me it used to look so unnatural and made up.
5. Different types of brushes are needed and important for applying good makeup. I had got a pack of brushes free with a makeup kit from US. I had kept it intact for about 2 years until I recently read which brush is used for what. Believe me they are such useful brushes and helping me enhance my makeup skills. Basic must haves being angular brush- for eyebrows, blending eye shadow brush, blusher brush and eye shadow brush.

6. Not to forget the importance of MAC 219 brush in every make up kitty.
Best for smudging and applying eye shadows.
7. Eye primer or Eye shadow base is important for eye makeup and helps in enhancing the colours of eye shadows and to make them last for a longer time. Even eyeliners stay intact for long when used with an eye shadow base
8. Importance of CTM-cleansing –toning- moisturizing. I was also one of those who used to just follow CM and leave the T process. But believe me since I started doing CTM twice a day I have seen remarking difference on my skin and it has kept the white heads at bay.
9. Magnifying mirror plays a major role in Makeup. It helps to easily detect the minor flaws easily and overcome them. I found it very useful with regard to my eyebrows. I used to visit the parlour once in two weeks. However this has reduced to once in 3 weeks or so now as I find it very easy and convenient to retain the shape of my eyebrows by plucking. Moreover, I am able to see and do my eye make up so well with it now.
10. Scrubbing and exfoliating was confined only to face and body for long until I realized that Exfoliation of lips, underarms are equally important and easy.

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14 thoughts on “10 Easy Beauty Care Tips for Today’s Women

    1. same her Sukanya.. what i did was bought a new set and replaced them in my mom’s make up kit and threw away her old ones. 🙂

  1. These are things that most of us know but still most of us dont follow,thanks for writing this gurpreet and reminding us all,of these basic yet important things.

  2. Hi Gurpreet, this is very useful info. These small things we tend to ignore which makes lot of difference. Could you also tell me what products to use for exfoliating underarms?
    Thanks, Ashwini.

  3. i have hardly ever found a toner that suited me and then i read somewhere that it wasnt really required. i am kind of scared to use one though 🙁

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