10 Easy Changes in Your Daily Routine That’ll Make You Healthy

By Priyanka Dixit

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Today I am back with an interesting article. Everyone has become health conscious these days, but fitness can not be achieved easily. We have to work for it. But if you too are stuck in a hectic lifestyle, these small changes can bring about huge difference to your life. So, incorporate these in your life and become healthy and happy.

12 Easy Changes in Your Daily Routine That'll Make You Healthy

1. Start your day with water

Start your day with lukewarm water instead of bed tea. Water is very important for our whole body; it can remove or flush out all of the waste from our body. It can also keep our stomach clean, preventing many diseases.

2. Switch to green tea


Drink green tea in the morning instead of your usual yellow tea and coffee. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that have powerful effects on the body, including improved brain function, weight loss, lower risk of cancer and better immunity.

3. Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is an essential for good health, and skipping it could be the worst health habit. A healthy breakfast keeps us fit and energetic the whole day. Breakfast meals are a good source of essential nutrients like iron, calcium, fibre, protein and even fats. Skipping breakfast can actually reduce your immunity and lower your metabolism.

4. Use stairs instead of lift

Using stairs and avoiding the use of elevators also keeps you healthy. Use more stairs throughout the day while you are in office, malls or at home. Using stairs is a type of cardio which burns calories and adds strength to your legs.

5. Practice some yoga asanas or exercises


Some easy yoga poses can prove to be beneficial if you want to stay healthy and young. Keep practicing easy yoga poses such as child pose, cat–cow pose, downward dog pose, bridge pose, tree pose for overall health. Practice these poses whenever you are free, you will feel calm and refreshed. You could also opt for some other exercises of your choice.

6. Incorporate lots of fresh veggies and fruits


Eating healthy food is not a diet, it is a sign of good lifestyle. Junk food might please your tastebuds but it can affect your health, especially your heart in the long run. So, start eating fresh and raw fruits and vegetables to get optimum benefits. Such natural goodness has the power to keep your body healthy from inside out, and they also help your brain to function better.

7. Avoid junk food and unhealthy beverages


Kids and adults both are addicted to unhealthy foods these days. Junk food is also the reason why people are losing their health and even brain activity. The bubbles in these carbonated drinks cause excess gas production and we face constipation too. Thus, add lemon water, detox liquids, green tea, juices, smoothies, butter milk, coconut water to your diet.

8. Don’t sit for too long

If you are a working person and sit all day long, you are at a health risk. But you can follow few habits to reduce this problem, like walk while you are going to the canteen or water cooler, climb stairs at your work place, walk while you are attending any call and try to stand whenever you can.

9. Get proper sleep

Sleep affects our whole body. Sleep is vital to learning and memory, to reduce body weight, improve mood, reduce tension and to banish under eye circles. About 8 hours of sleep is must for everyone, and lack of sleep can prove to be hazardous. Every night, create a better environment in your room, keep it dark, switch of your gadgets and have jasmine tea for better sleep.

10. Be positive and don’t take stress


Think positive, stay positive and be positive. Don’t create any negative environment for yourself. Believe it or not, this habit can improve your health manifolds. Try it and see the difference in your outlook.

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  1. very useful and informative article by Priyanka. Avoid stress, it can cause lot of health problems especially creates horomonal imbalance in ladies, which inturn causes heavy hair fall and skin related problems, Also try to incorporate a good multivitamin tablet which can promote good health

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