10 Effective Tips to Receive Fast Results from Lifting Weights

By Chanchala Bose

Since most of us have become fitness addict these days, it is important that we have the right information. Everyone wants to achieve faster results from their fitness routine, hence they end up compromising on the quality of their workout sessions. If you are someone who lifts weight and wish to see some results soon, here are ten effective tips you must follow.


1. Lift weights after your cardio session

Everyone thinks that cardio is best for weight loss. But cardio shows good results only if you combine it with weight training. The logic behind weight lifting after cardio is that with cardio you have already burned calories and warmed up your muscles. Hence, your body and muscles are now ready to lift weight, burn more fat and tone up.

2. Correct your overhead press posture


Arching your lower back can look flattering in the mirror but it is not the correct posture. Keep your back and body completely straight while doing an overhead press. This not only keeps your muscles active but also prevents injury.

3. Tricep extensions should be done right


This exercise might look very easy but actual toning will occur only when you do it correctly. Lowering the hands completely will not serve the purpose. Try to lower your elbows only till the ears.

4. Do not cheat

We end up lifting heavier weights than required just to see quick results. But, by lifting such heavy weights, you are not doing yourself any good. In fact, you are compromising with the posture and damaging your muscles. Therefore, start with lighter weights and then increase it with practice.

5. Less is more – focus more on your form

Do you think lifting super heavy weights from day one will show great results? Never! When it comes to weight training, dedication and form matter the most. You need to push yourself but only to a certain extent. Do not end up hurting your body, damaging your muscles and getting sick. Also, make sure you take proper rest.

6. Do not lift too much too soon


Again, you need not start from heavy weights to see results. By lifting heavy weights, you’d only be tiring out your muscles which will lead to cramps and inflammation. Consult an expert, get your regimen charted out and then start your sessions.

7. Add variety and upgrade your routine

If you are trying to go with extremely professional and strict weight lifting routine then it might work for your body. But don’t just blindly start doing what others are doing at the gym. You need to be aware of your body’s needs to see results.

8. Do not rely only on supplements

Weightlifting involves a lot of pressure on your body. And you do more harm than good to your body when you focus more on artificial supplements and lesser on natural foods. So, don’t ignore a healthy and nourishing diet just because you’re taking a post-workout protein shake.

9. Consume carbohydrates and fats


Many people feel that carbohydrates and fats must be completely avoided post workout but that’s not true at all. Your diet must have a good amount of carbs and healthy fats. Where else you’d get energy and nourshiment?

10. Focus on breathing

Try to exhale through your mouth when you lift the weight and inhale with your nose while lowering the weight. This is the correct way and by practicing this breathing technique you can improve your form and see good results.

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