10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hello, lovelies!

Sometimes, it is very cumbersome to cover up the under eye dullness with all those handy and friendly makeup products. While covering up my own dark circles, I used to wonder how many women feel the same way every morning. So, all my fellow pretty writers and readers here is a list of tricks that actually worked for me. Hope it helps you too!

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles6 (2)

Read on and get a step closer to looking drop dead gorgeous!

1. Eye Cream:

There are two ways to deal with dark circles and discoloured under-eye skin. One way is to achieve the short-term goal of covering them to attend a party, whereas the other way is to work on reducing the darkness permanently. The former is based on makeup tricks while the latter deals with ways to benefit your under eye skin and facial skin for the upcoming years.

An eye cream is totally a saviour as its benefits serve for both short and long term goals. It covers up as the first layer on the darkened under eye area and also seeps into the pores to lighten them. You can pick from Chantecaille, Chanel, Mac, Goddess Garden or any other under eye cream of your choice. If you quickly want to know what are the benefits of using an eye cream, here are the highlights:
• It works as a base for your eye makeup.
• It helps in diminishing the signs of ageing by reducing the wrinkles.
• Using an eye cream soothes the tension around the eyes and adds comfort.
• The best and easiest way to condition the under eye skin is to use an under eye cream on a regular basis.

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles

2. Correctors:

Correctors are a blessing for women who have prominent bags under their eyes. Correctors basically work on the principle of overshadowing colours from the colour wheel thereby, giving you a neutral coverage. There are correctors available in multiple colours for covering various kinds of under eye skin and facial skin issues. Makeup experts all across the world use yellow correctors for covering up the dark under eye skin.
• The yellow colour corrector works best to conceal the dark circles and discoloured under-eye skin.
• If there is an uneven and patchy dark skin under your eyes, conceal the patches separately instead of concealing them all together.
• Make sure you use correctors before applying your foundation.
• Correctors come handy in dealing with patches, pigmentation or acne.

3. Concealer:

As its name suggests, the main function of a concealer is to hide the pigmentations and skin issues. Every skin tone looks equally gorgeous if it is treated and toned to look perfect and healthy. A concealer can be really tricky to use but, if you manage to understand about how to use them for your benefit, it can be your best friend!
Follow these quick tips for the best outcomes:
• Use a light colored concealer for covering up dark circles.
• Under-eye bags can be easily concealed by lining their outer margin with a concealer as it covers up the dark shadows.
• Always test concealers on a smaller area of your face. Buying them by testing on your hands gives you a faulty estimation of skin colour.
• Prefer applying a foundation before applying concealers as it will lessen the amount of concealer to be applied.

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles4

4. Lipstick:

This is such a well-known coverage hack but still, so many of us feel hesitant in trying it. The trick is to use a bright lipstick as a concealer for darkened skin. Just the idea of applying lipstick on the under eye area panics many of us out(it freaks me out!). But, now tried and tested, I assure you this hack really works!
If you are wondering, I can brief you on the process of how to use lipstick for covering up dark circles.
• Pick any plain bright lipstick.
• It would he highly recommended that you don’t use a shimmery lipstick for this process.
• Apply a base layer of sheer foundation under the eyes.
• Dab some red/orange lipstick with an eye shadow brush under your eye areas from an inward to the outward direction.
• Using red and orange lipsticks works equally well with fair, medium and dark skin tones.
• Cover up with a complementing concealer evenly.
• A setting/finishing powder is all you need to get flawless under eye area.

5. Erasers/Neutralizers:

These are easiest products to be used for mild degree dark circles. If the skin under the eyes is very dark, it becomes difficult to cover it up with erasers. For regular use, erasers are a perfect hack. If you want to know about how to use them, take cues from these points:
• The pen-like packaging makes it super easy to be used in the under eye areas.
• A boon for the times when you are in hurry but can’t skip the under eye coverage.
• The under eye bags get fairly mellowed and covered.
• Covers darkened skin as well as minor blemishes and spots.

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles2

6. Brighteners:

This is the newest and the quickest possible way of giving a mild coverage to your under eye troubles. The eye brighteners like one of those by Maybelline, bare minerals or any other reputed cosmetic brand works best when you need to brighten the under eye area. It helps in combating the darkness caused by the shadow of the puffy or sunken dark circles under the eye. When applied along the under eye area, it gives the skin an even and smooth finish. Simply dab a drop and blend it towards the inner corner of the eye. This is what you can expect from an eye brightener:
• It can be conveniently used under or over your makeup.
• Works even when applied directly to the skin.
• It gives a fresh glow and a radiant look to the under eye area.
• Helps in covering fine lines around your eyes.

7. Setting Powders:

Your camouflage is incomplete without fixing it with a setting powder. A fine quality setting powder not only covers up your under eye bags but also gives the much-needed finishing to your overall face makeup. It is an essential makeup product to make your concealer work in your favour. Although a setting powder sounds like a very simple product, make sure you are careful about these little mistakes:
• Don’t over dust your face with it.
• It is recommended that you don’t apply setting powder directly on the skin.
• Wearing the setting powder on your bare skin directly can cause visible crease lines of powder on your skin. It happens due to the natural texture of our skin.

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles3

8. Depuff Naturally!

There are a few tips and tricks which can be implemented in our everyday life to keep those annoying puffy under eye bags in control.
• Everyday at least once, cover your under eyes with a cold steel spoon. This soothes the eyes and gives them a fresh look.
• You can use an under eye mask to rejuvenate the discoloured and de-oxygenated skin.
• Use cool tea bags once in every two days to reduce puffiness.
• Applying a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice under the eyes lightens the skin around the eyes.

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles6

9. Eyedrops:

Surprised? Eyedrops not only relaxes and soothes our eyes but, it also helps in keeping the eyes free from itching. In case of redness or itching in the eyes, the first after effect you tend to develop is puffy eyes. If you do not have the habit of cleansing your eyes by using medicated eye drops regularly, you should start doing it at least now. It is never too late to adopt a healthy habit. Keeping your eyes healthy is the most effective way to keep the under eye area free from darkness. But, be careful about these points:
• Never use an eye drop without consulting an eye specialist.
• Never buy eye drops on the advice of any chemist, trust the eye experts instead.
• Do not put more than the prescribed quantity of eye drops in your eyes.
• In case of itching or redness, wash your eyes with cold water and consult your ophthalmologist immediately.

10. Sleep:

This is not a makeup product yet it works the best! Taking a sound sleep is a must for not just the health of your eyes but also for a healthy under eye skin. The irregular sleeping pattern is the most common enemy of a healthy skin. The skin of your face gets primarily affected by the lifestyle you lead. There are minor changes that can give your under eye skin the much-needed brightness. So, here is a little list that will help you to avoid the darkness settling under your eyes:
Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours everday.
• Power naps work best to recharge the energy in your skin and mind.
• Avoid staying awake till late night.
• Do not use your phone while lying down. (Please!)
When something as enjoyable as a good sleep can make you look beautiful, why miss it? After all, prevention is better than cure!

10 Effective Ways to Cover Up Dark Circles1

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