10 Essential Diet Foods

diet foodsHello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fine. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I wrote for IMBB, not many of you know of this but what kept me away from writing was my migration from India to Dubai. Shifting countries can be quiet a task, I mean it’s not just the whole run and hush you have to go through physically but it also exhausts you mentally, and adjusting mentally is way more difficult than any physical adjustment.

So finally after settling down and getting my internet thingy done I thought of getting back to where I belong. I missed you guys! I mean I really missed you people, it feels nice reading the comment section and reading fabulous posts on IMBB. I was never away but I had time bindings in the cyber parlors which kept me from commenting but now I am glad to be back. 🙂

Dieting is almost an habit with all of us these days, I mean we just need a reason to diet. Isn’t it? Whilst some of us are great at it many of us fail to be loyal.

Dieting and staying fit are poles apart. I mean you do not necessarily need to diet to stay fit, however many of us assume the latter. Dieting if done in the right way can give great results undoubtedly but if dieting is over done or if we simply starve it can be fatal too. Remember the Brazilian model who died off Dieting?

In this article I will be listing 10 of the essential diet food stuffs which must be accommodated in our diet plans, these will not only help you control your weight but will also give you the right nutrition and energy.


Just like olive oil, almonds also contain those heart healthy oils. Science says that just an ounce of almond intake on a daily basis can reduce cholestrol, and the risk of heart attack.Not just this it combats cancer too. Almonds are calcium , copper, zinc, protein, magnesium and potassium rich. Not just this they contain Vitamin B and E too.

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Blueberries are well known for their detoxification characters. Detoxification helps in disposal of excessive fats from the body.They are possibly the best antioxidants which contain falvonoid and resveratrol.

bell pepper

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are rich in Vitamin A & C, these vitamins help in combating heart diseases. Peppers are also rich in Vitamin B6 which balance the levels of homocysteine. Bell peppers also help in combating cancers of the cervix, bladder, colon and pancreas.


Most of the households in India do not include Broccoli in their meals,Broccoli is vitamin C rich and contains zero fat. Even a cup of milk has 85-150 calories whereas broccoli has zero fats.

Olive Oil

Cooking oil needless to say is used in every kitchen, some use sunflower whilst some use ground nut, Olive oil is a very good substitute to cooking oil. It lowers the cholestrol content in the food and also contains Vitamin E. Consumption of olive oil guarantees decrease in inflammation and high blood pressure problems. Virgin olive oil also has antioxidant properties.


As we all know spinach is rich in iron and low calorie. It a low fat substitute to red meats. Spinach contains vitamin K and calcium which are great for the bone health.Spinach also plays an important part in preventing arthritis.



Tomatoes are great for the cardiovascular health. Tomatoes are photochemical rich and contain phytonutrient lycopene which helps in combating breast,lung, cervix and pancreas cancer. Bright red tomatoes must be used in cooking as well as in salads.


whole grains
Grains have natural fibers and nutrients which are essential for the body. Wholegrains boost the metabolic activities of the body and also control sugar levels in the body. Diabetes, heart diseases and cancers can be combatted by the consumption of wholegrains.


Grapes are nutrient rich and they protect the blood vessels and also prevent tissue damage. They also contain flavonoids and resveratrol.


Strawberries…yummm! They are rich in nutrients and also reduce cholestrol levels in the body. The inflammation in the arteries can be reduced by the consumption of strawberries. Not just this strawberries also combat cancers.

I hope this article helps all the diet conscious beauties to diet right.

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7 thoughts on “10 Essential Diet Foods

  1. I love eating broccoli and almonds a loooooot !! Especially Broccoli fritters, soup and all 😀 :)) :waytogo:

  2. welcome back zeeba. :))

    I am starting my almonds from tomorrow only.

    Love, brocolli, spinach, grapes, strawberries, bell pepper (so expensive these days :stars: )
    and whole grain breads. 😀


  3. Except for Blueberries….we eat all of the above in regular diet!
    Yesterday I made a Calzone….out of a Pizza dough…..just roll it out flat….stuff it with a filling on one side….fold it over and pinch the semi-circle with a fork….Then make three quick slashes with a serrated knife on the top and bake it in hot oven for 15-20 minutes!!!!

    The filling was :jalwa:
    Bell Peppers chopped
    Onions chopped
    cooked corn
    Lots of cheese (grated)
    1 egg beaten
    Salt and pepper and italian seasoning
    All of the above mixed together!!!

    Serve the Calzone with Pizza sauce 😉

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