10 Essential Things You Need to Know before Your First Brazilian Wax Appointment

Hey girlies,
I had been willing to get a Brazilian wax for such a long time now. We all know why we hesitate to get bikini or Brazilian wax – the pain! I had been putting this off for so many months, then my friend got courageous and got it done. She convinced me to do it as well. Her selling line was “Babe, it doesn’t hurt!”. I was sold! So, a week later, I booked an appointment and it was worth every penny. Here are a few pointers if you’re a first timer.
Things You Need to Know before Your First Brazilian Wax Appointment

1. The pain isn’t THAT bad

The pain isn’t all that much. I don’t have extremely sensitive skin, so it doesn’t hurt that much. Even wax on other parts of my body doesn’t hurt. It’s been so many years since I’ve been waxing. Also, use a good quality wax. Don’t go for the usual honey wax. Try either chocolate wax or fruit wax. It hurts even less if you’ve never shaved.

2. No pants

You’ll be naked waist down. If you’re planning on getting just a bikini line, then you can get away without getting naked. For a cleaner look, you have to be naked. The waxers are used to it so don’t feel ashamed. They’ve seen so many people naked. They’re not uncomfortable at all. They also like to talk while waxing to cut the tension, so it’s completely okay. They’ll comfort you too if it hurts.

3. Have a shower before

woman shower
If you’re feeling weird that you may smell, take a shower and go. You’ll feel fresh and also will not be worried about smelling.

4. Don’t shave or trim

If you’re planning on waxing, don’t shave or trim few days before your appointment. The hair needs to be at least a quarter inch long for the wax to grab on to it. So be careful, not to shave. It’ll hurt more.

5. Brazilian

The difference between Brazilian and a bikini wax is that in Brazilian they shave your butts too. The place I went to they automatically did a Brazilian wax. So if you’re worried about it hurting a lot, let me tell you it’s just the opposite. The part on our butts have no nerve endings, so it doesn’t hurt.

6. No workout

After a wax, don’t go for a workout for 24 hours. During a workout there may be a lot of rubbing against your clothes which will cause burns. Once I had a lot of work after a wax, couldn’t change into comfortable clothes.

7. Outfit

woman clothes
Choose what you’re going to be wearing for and after your wax carefully. Sometimes, you may have to walk after a wax. If your clothes are loose, they’ll allow you to do so. Wear an old pair of undies as you may get wax on it.

8. After-wax care

After a waxing session, wash the area with lukewarm water and apply a serum. I generally use coconut oil. Avoid wearing tight clothes immediately after. There may be some bruises due to the wax. Wear light airy clothes and avoid strenuous activities.

9. During periods

Avoid waxing 5 days before and after waxing. The problem during this time is usually that the area is much more sensitive and the pain is more. Also, I’m pretty sure that that time is already painful, no one would really want to inflict more pain.

10. It gets better

Also ladies, with time it gets better. I remember the difference first time and the second time. The pain was so much lesser. Try sticking to one salon and a particular specialist. It will be less awkward. Chatting with the specialist helps too.

If you’ve been putting Brazilian wax off like I did, don’t! It is completely worth it. It’s not too scary and after the wax you’ll thank yourself.

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