10 Everyday Habits that Contribute to Dark Circles

By Swati Kumar

Our eyes are the most delicate part of our face, and also the regions where the first signs of ageing appear. Dark circles make one look tired, unhealthy and older than their actual age. No matter which products and remedies we use for treating dark circles and puffiness, there are some habits which contribute to eye problems without us even knowing. Read on to find out such common everyday habits and how to avoid them.


Sleeping on our stomachs


Believe it or not, it’s not just lack of sleep that can cause dark and puffy eyes. Some people cannot fall asleep on their backs or on their sides. Studies suggest that when we sleep on our stomachs, it allows fluids to collect under our eyes. Sleeping on our back helps to keep the fluid buildup at bay as it allows for uniform circulation. So a simple preventative step would be to change your sleeping position.

Eating a sodium-rich dinner the night before

If you had dinner rich in salt the night before, chances are that you will wake up with puffy eyes. The excessive sodium in our body makes us retain more water to dilute the sodium, causing us to bloat. This water gets collected during the night around our face, and more often, around the eyes. So try to avoid reaching for that bag of chips in the night.

Incorrect application of eye creams and serums


No matter which eye cream or eye serum you use, the maximum benefits are achieved when you apply them correctly. You might actually be unintentionally harming your eyes even more during application of such products. Pulling or stretching the skin in order to apply the product can cause premature wrinkles and fine lines. Always tap the product into your orbital bone area using the ring finger. Ensure that your fingers are clean before applying the product. Another tip is to tap in the product towards your nose, as that is the direction of circulation of blood around your eyes.


Apart from being a major health hazard, smoking causes accelerated ageing around the eyes. It also causes major blood vessels in our under eye area to appear blue. It has also been proven that nicotine causes unrest, leading to a poor night’s sleep, leaving the eyes fatigued.

Drinking alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption causes the blood vessels in our eyes to dilate. Just like salt, it causes bloating around our eyes. Alcohol also causes dryness, which immediately shows up on our face. It also causes sagging of the skin and wrinkles. The occasional drink might not be a cause of concern, but drinking in moderation is always a good idea.

Rubbing our eyes too much


Even the slightest amount of irritation causes us to automatically rub our eyes. This can actually cause skin pigmentation and loosening of the skin around the eyes. Rubbing too harshly may even slightly bruise them, causing them to appear darker than normal. Moreover, our hands can transfer bacteria to our eyes, leading to infections.

Rubbing our face harshly with a towel

Often we rub our face harshly with a towel when we are in a hurry. Tugging on the skin around our eyes can cause them to stretch and cause sagging. It may even lead to bruising and ultimately dark circles. Remember: always pat dry your face gently.

Putting our face directly under the hot shower

Most of us like to unwind after a tiring day by taking a nice, long, hot shower. But hot water and steam actually make our eyes look rather puffy. Moreover, standing with our faces directly under hot running water can damage the delicate skin around the eyes, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Despite the approaching winter, try to keep the temperature of the shower moderate; nothing too hot, nor too cold.

Sleeping with our makeup on

Not removing makeup before going to sleep is the biggest beauty sin. Leaving makeup on can cause inflammatory reactions around the eyes, causing them to puff up. It can cause dryness, roughness and irritation. Moreover, it clogs pores on our skin. If you are really lazy, keep makeup removing wipes handy.

Direct exposure to the sun


The delicate skin under our eyes can easily get damaged by harsh sunlight. Since the skin is so thin, the effects of the sun show up easily on our under eye area. If you already have pigmented under eyes, the sun can easily make the pigmentation worse. So SPF is a must, as well as a pair of sunnies.

I hope this article helped you in letting go of these bad habits. Remember to have a good night’s sleep, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated to look healthy and fresh.

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