10 Fabulous Ideas to Turn a Bad Hair Day into a Good One

By Chanchala Bose

Hi lovelies,

Our hair plays a very important part in our appearance. It can enhance our look but can ruin it too. On some days, our hair looks just perfect while on some it refuses to set. Since you cannot (and should not) shampoo your hair every single day, here are some alternatives to try on a bad hair day. Take a look at some fabulous tips and tricks to turn your bad hair day into a fab hair day!


Water cleanse your hair


Most of the time, a greasy chunk of hair can be taken care of with water. Just wash it with water, dry it with a blow dryer and you’re done. If all else fails, you can shampoo your hair and make it feel fresh again.

Styling cream

A styling cream comes in handy in such hair crisis situations. Just take some styling cream and work on your hair. This cream will control frizz while adding shine to your hair.

Change your parting


This is a fab way to revamp or style your hair. Just change your parting and see the difference. This is a great way to hide greasy hair and gain some faux volume.

Dry shampoo

Many times our hair tends to looking boring because it lacks shine or volume. Both these issues can be tackled with a dry shampoo. It instantly freshens up the hair and add much needed volume in a jiffy. If you do not have a dry shampoo, you can use a talcum powder, baby powder or unsweetened cocoa powder instead.

Choose some chic hairstyles

How about trying out some new and chic hairstyles? Upgrade your hair with a messy braid, side braid or other chic hairstyles. These hairstyles look effortless but really change your look.

Go for hair buns


A perfect styling trick for the lazy bums! Just put your hair and tie it up in a bun. This hardly requires any effort but looks very chic. Plus, no one can even guess that you’re having a bad hair day.

Play with the scarves

Another smart way to play with your hair is to tie a scarf around your hair. This will create the perfect bohemian look and will look all natural yet stylish. This is an exceptional tip if you have dry or frizzy hair.

Back combing


Your hair tends to look bad when it is very greasy or lacks volume. Backcombing is a great to tackle both of these issues.

Use hair mousse

Hair mousse is the perfect way to style your hair. Just spray one or two times and see what it does to your hair. You will instantly have lots of volume and ample room for hairstyling.

Play with hair accessories


These days we have a number of hair accessories. Just grab one as per the occasion and outfit and your hair will regain its beauty in a jiffy.

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