10 Fat Burning Foods



10 Fat Burning Foods

I am a lot interested in weight loss right now, I am trying to walk daily to burn some calories.  I am the kind who can never really diet, and rather than staying away from the food that add calories, I was thinking of including foods that could help me burn the fat.  I researched and found out that certain foods help you in cutting down calories and boost up the metabolism so that the body does not store the extra calories in the form of fat. Let’s check out the top 10 fat burning foods in this post:

1.  Banana:  I was kind of surprised to find banana as a fat burning food.  Bananas provide ample fiber to the body and also can actually delay your food cravings by making you feel full for a longer period of time.  Also, it has a type of fiber called as “resistant starch,” which resists digestion and thus do not add calories to your body, instead it reaches the large intestine and act as dietary fiber.  This resistant starch, according to wikipedia, ferments in the digestive tract, producing byproducts that increases fat burning by 20% to 25%.  Increased starch resistant foods can actually increase fat burning and decrease fat accumulation.

10 Fat Burning Foods

2.  Garcinia Cambogia:  People in the west are stocking up Cambogia fruit and capsules to fasten up their weight loss process.  Garcinia Cambogia may sound like an exotic fruit from South America or Africa, but the good news is that it’s widely available in South India and you can get it in local kerala stores.  We call it “kudampuli” in malayalam and use it extensively in fish curries in place of tamarind.  I was shocked and surprised to read that this fruit – available in dried up form can double and triple up your weight loss.  This fruit is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.Cambogia contains a compound called as HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which is believed to suppress one’s appetite and to prevent fat production, decrease belly fat, and also helps in reducing stress.  A lot of slimming capsules are coming with cambogia extract and many of these are not approved by FDA.  The best way is to consume it in its natural form – in fish curries etc. or try eating it raw – it’s extremely pungent in taste, so you would actually not be able to consume it raw.

10 Fat Burning Foods

3.  Onions:  Indians cannot imagine a life without onions.  Tell me which curry gets made without an onion! We will still buy it if the price hits the rooftops! Onions contain a compound called as quercetin which acts against fat absorption in the body.  Onions also have diallyl sulfide which prevents blood clotting and cuts down bad cholesterol levels.

10 Fat Burning Foods

4.  Tomatoes:  Those red juicy tomatoes are not only rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, they reduce water retention and regulates the function of “leptin,” which is a hormone found in fat cells that regulates the amount of fat stored in the body.  It is found that the effect of “leptin” is exactly opposite to that of another hormone “ghrelin” which is the hunger hormone.  Leptin sends “satiety” signals to your brains which satiates the feeling of hunger.  So, go ahead and eat ripe and juicy raw tomatoes.  There are absolutely no side effects.

10 Fat Burning Foods

5.  Chilli:  Chillies can greatly boost your metabolism and help you burn the calories faster.  Chillies contain a compound called as “capsaicin” which helps in cutting down fat by increasing metabolism.  A little chilli in your diet won’t hurt much 😛

6.  Jalapenos:  Like chillies, jalapenos can boost your metabolism and burn the calories faster, but beware, too much will not only hurt your tongue, it can burn your digestive system too 😛  Moderation is the key here!

10 Fat Burning Foods

7.  Garlic:  Garlic boosts up metabolism, contains antioxidants, and aids in calorie consumption.  Include a few garlic pods in your diet.

10 Fat Burning Foods

8.  Ginger:  Ginger increases body’s metabolism, suppresses appetite, has a good amount of antioxidants to fight free radicals.

9.  Cinnamon:  I have mentioned cinnamon many times in my weight loss posts.  Cinnamon helps you in consuming up the carbohydrates by boosting up the metabolism, cutting down cholesterol level, and regulates blood sugar levels.

10 Fat Burning Foods

10.  Papaya:  Papaya is an awesome fruit – it contains a lot of vitamins, fiber, and also an enzyme “papain,” which breaks down protein in your body.

10 Fat Burning Foods

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