10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin

Our brains are stored with enough knowledge, on various foods that helps to keep our skin glow, become flawless and get rid of blemishes. Whether it is eye puffiness or wrinkles on your face, there is always a certain reason behind it. When we look out for the ingredients used in a product, we go gaga on the product and its packaging; specially, if it is some popular name or your favourite ingredient mentioned in the product name or description. You really have no idea about the various foods that can have adverse effects on your skin. You never know, inspite of taking enough efforts to get a beautiful skin, that there are some foods which destroy and ruin your skin. Avoiding them is the only way to get flawless and healthier skin.
Let’s check out the list of foods that may destroy your beautiful skin.

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Glowing Skin

1. Coffee

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Coffee

When you are stressed out, what you do is drink 2-3 cups of coffee or caffeine drinks. Did you know that this distressing hormone leads to anti-ageing issues? Yes, it leads to anti-ageing problem with dullness and wrinkles on your face. Coffee is sure to leave your skin dry with fine lines on them.

2. Fried potatoes

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Fried

Everyone loves Fried potatoes whether you are offered in a full course meal, as snacks or as a breakfast. This tasty, delicious and refreshing dish can clog your pores and result to bad acnes on your face. Fried potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, which leaves you with flaky skin.

3. Soda drinks

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Soda

Soda drinks have always made a permanent place in our lives, especially in summer. These energy booster drinks, too cause harm to our skin. Soda cleans the skin ground so well that it makes it more prone to bacterial infections and a breeding ground on the skin. Avoid using soda directly on skin, as it has a strong cleansing power.

4. Salt

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Salt

No doubt it adds taste to food, but salt is naturally drawn to water and it helps to maintain the water level in body. Besides maintaining a proper balance in the body, salt can cause redness and inflammations on the skin. Increase in intake of salt, can also lead to patches on skin and puffy eyes.

5. White bread

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Bread

White bread contains gluten in a large quantity, which can worsen your skin. Gluten may lead to pimples and acnes on your face, and if you already have an oily and acne prone skin, it may get worse day by day.

6. Chocolates

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Chocolates

Chocolates have wonderful effects on your skin, but we cannot ignore the fact, that there are some disadvantages too. Excess chocolate not only destroys your tooth, but also is harmful for your skin. It lowers the immune capacity of the skin to fight against acne.

7. Dairy products

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Dairy Products

Including intake of dairy products in your everyday schedule is good, but an excess of them can cause a problem for your skin. They are the silent factors to ruin your skin. Milk and other dairy products increase the production of sebum in your body, which causes acne.

8. Peanut butter

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a trigger to acne. They should be avoided to the maximum; it may also leave your skin with clogged pores and acne.

9. Strawberry

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Strawberry

If you have a sensitive skin, you should not use products with strawberry as an ingredient in it. Strawberries are delicious to eat, but it may lead to open pores and dry skin. Sometimes, you may feel itching on your skin too.

10. Alcohol

10 Foods That Can Destroy Your Skin Alcohol

Alcohol does nothing good to your body, but leaves you with dull and dry skin. The consumption of alcohol should be in a limit, but I would suggest you to quit alcohol. You are sure to get puffy eyes, dry and dull skin.

Hope you found the post useful and will surely remember the list to get an ever glowing flawless skin.

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  1. Hi gals, just one question. Is dark chocolate bad for skin too? I love dark chocolate and not the normal ones. I also happen to consume milk every day ??

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