10 Foods that Ruin Your Skin

10 Foods that Ruin Your Skin

You would be possibly ruining your skin without even knowing it. These ten foods which are a staple for many of us will surprise you by how they can make or break your skin..literally..cut down on these ten foods and see a difference in your skin.


You know collagen? You know how it keeps skin plump and smooth keeping wrinkles at bay? Sugar breaks down that collagen! Need I say more! Sugar also causes breakouts by raising blood sugar and spiking insulin. You need to stay away from all refined sugars, white sugar, brown sugar, and all processed foods with sugar.


Dairy products with added sugar can cause your skin to breakout.  Dairy is highly acidic and rich in natural hormones.If you think you have acne and breakouts, you can remove dairy products from your diet and check the difference for a week.



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Alcohol can be very drying for your skin. Dry skin is equal to dullness and more dead skin. Alcohol is dehydrating so add red wine to your diet once a week. Skip alcohol and even when you drink, supplement it with lot of water glasses in between.

Refined Grains

Maida is a huge culprit for skin problems. Refined flours and white breads can wreck your skin. Eliminate them from your diet all together to see a difference in your skin.
Processed Food

Processed foods contain a lot of added salt.Salt in turn dries out skin buy dehydrating the skin cells. Skip canned and processed foods to keep skin supple.



For the above mentioned reason and also for the fact that sodium in salt causes bloating and puffy eyes. The last thing you want is puffy under eye bags and bloated face.Reduce salt intake and add more potassium to your diet if you suffer with puffiness.

Processed fats

Think twice before ordering that extra dip with your fries and fast foods. Processed fats like those in dips, biscuits, candies, chips, nut butters and salad dressings carry unstable heated fats. Transfats can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Eat raw fats from nuts, avocados,and when buying your peanut butter, look for the one with no added salt or sugar.

Fast foods:

Would you like to know what exactly your fast foods contain, that can ruin your skin? Transfats, saturated fats, food colors, MSG, added salt, sugar, preservatives to begin with. When it comes to eating clean, fast foods are at the other end of the picture, when your single fast food meal could contain upto 50 ingredients. Eat clean for a glowing skin!


Artificial sweeteners

I am victim to artificial sweeteners, well we think we are cutting down on sugar cals but we are also adding unwanted chemicals into our system. Reduce your sugar intake and remove sweetners, if you have noticing breakout and bumpy skin.

Red meat:

Red meat that is packed with fat is a straight road to breakout and what not. Cut down drastically and watch how much red meat you eat over a week, and see your skin clearing up.

Now that you know what common foods to cut down from your everyday diet, start tomorrow and make a difference to your skin.

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  1. I knew about dairy and salt , but fast food has become a necessity due to long college hours. have to cut down man…*I want to wail right now * *cry*

  2. such informative post neha !
    Thank god i dont like dairy products n sweets too …n am veggiee 😀
    ohhh..so the salt is reason behind my puffy eyes in the mornings.. *nababana* *shock* i will remember to keep in check . *thankyou*

  3. very informative *thankyou* my only problems resides with sugar and milk… *scared* sugar intake bahut jayada hai…. *headbang* *headbang* and milk *drool* ……. ????????????? need to cut down on sugar atleast *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

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